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Prophecy Wrap-up and Sacrifice on the Temple Mount??

It is Spring Break and I have ben feverishly working to accomplish some tasks around our our little farm during this much needed break from bus driving and training.  While I haven’t done much writing on the blog, it has … Continue reading

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Still MORE prophecy being fulfilled…

Prophecy is clearly accelerating!! In fact, good friend Tzefanyah had a vision a few days ago wherein he saw the Father running toward the prodigal son (Ephraim) and he heard Father say (paraphrasing), “As I accelerate toward the lost son, … Continue reading

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The BIG Letdow… er, Announcement

The Temple Institute has made their announcement after a major buildup, and it wasn’t so big….  My warning, concerning the eventual building of an altar, stands but does not apply here. So, here are the details of the announcement: And … Continue reading

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Whatever you do, do NOT do this….

My good friend and fellow blogger, Peter Vest, has been tracking a cryptic but very intriguing series of announcements from the Temple Institute concerning a “major, ground-breaking, earth-shattering, life-changing, game-changing, announcement…… something that is basically gonna rock the world.“   Apparently, … Continue reading

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Touched by the Land

I fully expected to be touched by the Land, but the depth of impact was unforeseen.  Further, the degree to which Kelly has been impacted was a genuine surprise.  Near the end of our day today, as we talked and … Continue reading

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HUGE NEWS!!  Prophecy continuing to be fulfilled and the day of Messiah’s coming is that much closer!  Following is an article taken from the Temple Institute’s Facebook page detailing a MAJOR step in the restoration of Temple worship.  Note the … Continue reading

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These are heady days watching world events.  Daily we see prophetic events or portents that declare time may be very short. Among the most recent developments is the attempted assassination of Rabbi Yehuda Glick, chairman of the Temple Mount Heritage … Continue reading

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