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Welcome to Israel! HalleluYAH!

If you had told me 6 months ago that I was going to Israel for Sukkot, I would have laughed and said, “I wish that were possible.” Yet, by the mercy and grace of our King and according to His … Continue reading

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Our first couple days in Israel….

Technically, we’ve been here for more than a week, but the Congress ended Tuesday and we only really began seeing sights and visiting people in the last couple days.  As with every visit, time passes too fast and traffic moves … Continue reading

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Watch “How well do you REALLY know God’s chosen city?” on YouTube

https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=gfzjnsTFzoY Make it a PRIORITY to visit Jerusalem in the coming year.  And,to make the trip extra special, I recommend doing it during one of the pilgrim feasts.

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Where’s Wald…, er, Rambo?

I guess you guys can tell, I’ve finally gotten over the writing hold up.  A combination of fatigue and being too full of all the incredible stuff I have been processing that I have not been able to write. Mostly, … Continue reading

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Last day in Jerusalem, a mixed bag….

Tomorrow is Simchat Torah and then we head to Ariel for the Congress, so we made our last trip into Jerusalem today.  Not having visited the Kotel yet, we made that our very first priority and, like last time, it … Continue reading

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“In the Courts of my King!”

Following is a guest post written by my son Jeremiah. This whole trip has been quite the experience. Hi, I’m Jeremiah Rambo, Pete’s second born. I’m 17 years old, and beginning to find my feet in the world that I … Continue reading

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Isaiah 62… Just beautiful!

The day we visited the Western Wall on my recent trip to Israel, we first went into the tunnels along the Wall that have been excavated deeply to the street level at the time of Yeshua.  While there, women, young … Continue reading

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Touched by the Land

I fully expected to be touched by the Land, but the depth of impact was unforeseen.  Further, the degree to which Kelly has been impacted was a genuine surprise.  Near the end of our day today, as we talked and … Continue reading

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Cool Evening Breeze and Dinner

Normally, this blog focuses on Scriptural/theological things, and this trip to Israel is certainly impacting that greatly (much to come as I process it all),  but the food and fun we’ve had at restaurants has deserved attention. If I can … Continue reading

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