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Pro-Israel Christians: Snakes in the Vineyard or Brothers-in-Arms?

A few days ago, friend, Eliyahu Berkowitz shared a link for the following article that he authored.  This terrific, must-read, piece spells out the battle for how we, non-Jewish supporters of Israel, should be view as compared to how some … Continue reading

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Is the Virgin Birth attested in Torah??

Over the last couple days I have pondered through a lengthy and detailed article that unfolds a sensitive subject that is hidden in the Torah and seems to reveal/attest to the need for a virgin birth of the Messiah.  Following … Continue reading

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Redeeming Yeshua….

Following is a brief article from a dear friend and brother, Tom Lewis.  He is relating a particularly amazing step in the direction of the restoration of all things! For the last seven or so years, Tom has traveled to … Continue reading

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Here is a ‘firstborn’ mindbender, sure to stretch you!!

Following is a link to a Scripture image and thought from  Friend Al McCarn has assembled a couple verses that will totally stretch your understanding of YHVH’s plan and purpose…. Picture of the Week 04/21/17 –

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Asking the Hard Questions: A Review of Repairing the Breach, by Peter G. Rambo, Sr.

Brother and fellow sojourner, Al McCarn, has written a review of my recent book release titled Repairing the Breach.  Currently, it is available on Kindle, but should have paperback copies in a few days.  Stay tuned.  Until then, here … Continue reading

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“In the Courts of my King!”

Following is a guest post written by my son Jeremiah. This whole trip has been quite the experience. Hi, I’m Jeremiah Rambo, Pete’s second born. I’m 17 years old, and beginning to find my feet in the world that I … Continue reading

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Pictures for Pondering II

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the following re-blogged post!!  Al and I are YouVersion friends, so I have seen many of these images as he has created them. The questions posed and the connections made open so many glorious doors and … Continue reading

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Scott Hillman teaching videos

Late last week, I posted a video interview of Scott Hillman, Assembly of God pastor, who, along with his congregation, has crossed over to a Hebraic (Biblical) practice and understanding of Scripture.  This morning I am enjoying one of his … Continue reading

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Forty Days of Repentance, Reconciliation, and Restoration

This Fall is shaping up to be a doozy.  It is clear that we are not living in times that are ‘business as usual.’  Rather, the nations rage and they are wildly straining against the Lord’s Anointed.  Following is our … Continue reading

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Help open the doors of Jefferson College at Pilot View!!

Eighteen months ago an amazing vision began to take place in the hills of Kentucky!  Last fall, we had a chance to Sukkot on the property that is now Jefferson College at Pilot View.  This is an amazing story and … Continue reading

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Suicidal Christianity on ‘Jesus, Moses and Paul: Christians and Torah’

As a ‘recovering’ pastor, I always find it interesting when I run into other pastors who have come to the same conclusions I have.  I’m not the first and certainly won’t be the last….  Abba is opening eyes left and … Continue reading

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Evangelizing Judah

Good friend, Ken Rank has written a seminal paper titled Evangelizing the Jews that deals with many of the ingrained paradigms we carry based in millennia of tradition and improper understanding of Scripture.  Sure to rattle some cages, this is … Continue reading

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R.C. Sproul, Jesus, and the Doctrine of Active Obedience

While James Pyles and I do not agree on the place of the Torah in the life of a non-Jew (I believe there is One Law for the native and the ger), we definitely agree that Christendom needs to rethink … Continue reading

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The Dance of the Two Camps

I received an email this morning from Ephraim Frank.  Very interesting… ________________________ Shalom Fellow Israelite, As I was reflecting on the story of our forefather Jacob, after he fled from Laban his father-in-law, one word arrested my attention – “Machanyim” … Continue reading

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Interview of Kellen Davison of Commonwealth of Yisrael

In case you missed it, Kellen Davison, co-founder and visionary for Commonwealth of Yisrael, was this week’s guest on the Remnant Road with Al McCarn and Daniel Holdings.  This is a terrific two hour interview getting to know him a … Continue reading

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