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Asking the Hard Questions: A Review of Repairing the Breach, by Peter G. Rambo, Sr.

Brother and fellow sojourner, Al McCarn, has written a review of my recent book release titled Repairing the Breach.  Currently, it is available on Kindle, but Amazon.com should have paperback copies in a few days.  Stay tuned.  Until then, here … Continue reading

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Deluded much?

James, half brother of Yeshua and head of the Jerusalem Council, says those who hear the Torah but don’t DO it are DELUDED!  Sounds a bit like the Christian pastor I used to be… always making excuses for why such … Continue reading

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Torah IS life!

“Torah IS life!!” You won’t hear that from most pulpits, yet that is exactly the testimony of God breathed everlasting Scripture, contrary to millennia of false doctrine.  Here are a few statements from Yehovah, Deu. 30:15-16 “See, I have set … Continue reading

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Tales from the Bus: Fog and Faith

This morning was particularly foggy!  I’ve had several such mornings, but for whatever reason, today I felt much more vulnerable as I strained to see past the end of the hood.  I found myself wishing for a nice bus route … Continue reading

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