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Is the Virgin Birth attested in Torah??

Over the last couple days I have pondered through a lengthy and detailed article that unfolds a sensitive subject that is hidden in the Torah and seems to reveal/attest to the need for a virgin birth of the Messiah.  Following … Continue reading

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You are invited….

My recent post/review of Boaz Michael’s Tent of David has really fostered some good discussion.  Probably one of the longest and best discussion thread on any post on this blog.  At times it has been spirited, but peace and grace … Continue reading

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An amazing prophetic passage from Ruth…

A day or two ago I was enjoying again the Book of Ruth.  I’ve read it dozens of times, but saw a passage in a whole new light yesterday… The overarching picture in the story is of Yeshua, the Kinsman-Redeemer, … Continue reading

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