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Two excellent articles you should see!

Last night I read an excellent and thought provoking article by friend, Brian Somers, on his new blog, Kol Yisrael Torah and Prophecy. Titled Thoughts on Grafting in the Wild Olive Branches, Somers brings together a number of threads related … Continue reading

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The fruit looks like the Tree… D’uh…


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A Matter of the Heart!!

Lately, I have been marking instances of ‘heart’ in the Tanakh, or ‘old’ Testament.  My specific reason is that on so many occasions, in conversations with others regarding the importance of Torah in our day, I am told that it … Continue reading

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Another fun one!!

Okay, so a sister in the fellowship sent me the last video and another sis on the distro list replied with this one…  This exchange could get FUN!!!  LOL!

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Shoftim: Defining the Messiah

This week’s Torah potion is fascinating in that it offers several very clear pictures concerning our Moshiach.  We see pictures of Him as judge, king and the most famous and clear picture, as prophet.  There is a shadow of Him … Continue reading

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An amazing prophetic passage from Ruth…

A day or two ago I was enjoying again the Book of Ruth.  I’ve read it dozens of times, but saw a passage in a whole new light yesterday… The overarching picture in the story is of Yeshua, the Kinsman-Redeemer, … Continue reading

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How Many Generations are in Forever?

Excellent, excellent short video.  Much to ponder.

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Two Witnesses that Stand!! (See for yourself…)

Deuteronomy 30 is an amazing chapter. I won’t even dig into the first four verses that promise Yahweh will restore His people to the land and have compassion on us when we return to Him and obey His commandments….  I’ll … Continue reading

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Elijah, Significance in the End Times. Part 5

Continuing the Elijah series, I pray you are being challenged as we continue to study this prophet and the reason Abba includes this character in His Word in so many places. [Obligatory warning: If you have not read the first … Continue reading

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RT: Signs

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign. As with my other RT posts, proceed with caution.  See the attached sign. Scripture articulates several particular signs that point to very specific promises.  Some we heed, and to our peril, some we not only … Continue reading

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Reading my email… Part 2

The next installment of ‘Reading my email…’   Part 1 explains what this is about and why I am posting it…  As before, the names are redacted or changed to protect the innocent… ________________ *****, Thank you for your email.  I … Continue reading

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One Shepherd, one flock, one stick… Compare.

Compare these two passages with each other, then compare with what you have been taught by the doctrines of men… “I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep…. I have other sheep, which are … Continue reading

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RT: Grafting

Reformation Thought: Grafting

I don’t consider myself much of a farmer. Yes, we raise tilapia, have several beehives and half a dozen milk goats. We have laying hens, a greenhouse and raised garden beds. We even have eight or nine fruit trees and a dozen or more fruiting vines. Still, I only reluctantly claim any ability to grow anything. The real reason is that I know I do not have the proverbial ‘green thumb.’ Just check the spot where I have managed to kill two beautiful apricot trees. It stands as a testament to the many other plants that I have tortured or terminated in any number of dumb ways.

Maybe that is why I consider grafting to be one of the so called ‘holy grails’ of farming. There seems a certain mystery to it, but I aim to learn more about it this year. Someone recently told me of an article about how to graft tomato plants for increased yield and multiple varieties on a single vine. Sounds like a new way to destroy formerly green plants that I’m itching to try. But, I digress.

Grafting is indeed a tricky piece of husbandry whereby a branch or bud from one plant or tree can be trimmed and inserted into a notch in a strong(er) plant for the benefit of nourishment from the root stock. The cutting by itself, in most cases, will die. However, if someone who knows what they are doing can trim it up and properly graft it into a choice stock/stump, it will bear much fruit.

Paul rightly uses the grafting metaphor in Romans 11:17-24 when he explains how Gentiles ‘become partakers of the rich root of the olive tree.’ At least six times in those eight verses he uses the words graft and grafting. Continue reading

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