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Yahshua, Yahushua, Yeshua or…Jesus?

Yahshua, Yahushua, Yeshua or…Jesus?. Excellent article on a topic we were recently discussing in our fellowship…  Good scholarship with sound exegesis!! To go straight to a pdf of the paper presented, go here.   Shalom!

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Regrouping. Part 2 in the series that began with ‘Got Kosher?’ What a blessing to hear truth! “Abba, open our eyes to see You in the fullness of Your glory!  Awaken Your people to see Messiah AND Torah!!  Amein!” Shalom.

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Two Witnesses that Stand!! (See for yourself…)

Deuteronomy 30 is an amazing chapter. I won’t even dig into the first four verses that promise Yahweh will restore His people to the land and have compassion on us when we return to Him and obey His commandments….  I’ll … Continue reading

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RT: Names

We sing, “Blessed be the name of the Lord…”

We pray, “..hallowed be Your name…”

We say, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower…”

His name. I’m sure I never really understood how very important His name is, until recently. Yet there are literally hundreds of verses of Scripture pointing to the significance of His name. How is it that I could go for decades and NOT understand the significance? Continue reading

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