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Westminster Confession Errors, Pt. 1

As a young boy and through my teen years, I was reared in a church that was part of the  Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) denomination.  The actual congregation my family was a part of, Lebanon Presbyterian Church, was founded … Continue reading

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RT: Torah

Having served in the military, I know just how crazy and dangerous is the situation when someone throws a hand grenade into a crowded room.  The reactions are varied, but all extreme.  One may instantly choose to fall on the … Continue reading

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RT: Righteousness

Last year was the first year my family and I celebrated Passover.  It was a huge blessing, but I really didn’t ‘get’ the whole Days of Unleavened Bread ‘thing’ so we let it slip by… How much we missed!! As … Continue reading

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RT: Signs

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign. As with my other RT posts, proceed with caution.  See the attached sign. Scripture articulates several particular signs that point to very specific promises.  Some we heed, and to our peril, some we not only … Continue reading

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RT: Syncretism

While my dad was well educated and enjoyed academic pursuits, he would sometimes give a person a hard time for using unnecessarily large words.  “Two dollar words” he called them.  In his wisdom, he understood that often ‘less is more.’ … Continue reading

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RT: Myths

My youngest, who weighs about 50 lbs exclaimed, “Dad, there are a bunch of bricks in the dumpster!” Before he realized what was happening I had grabbed him by the waste, tossed him in and said, “Quick, hand them out!!” We loaded about 100 bricks onto the trailer before the guy in charge Continue reading

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RT: Riches

As a young teen I did lots of odd jobs to make a little spending money.  These varied from the mundane babysitting and lawn cutting to cleaning old bricks. A gentleman in the community who was building a house wanted … Continue reading

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RT: Antisemitism

RT: Antisemitism, or The Confessions of a Misguided Pastor If our doctrine prevented millions of Jews from knowing their Jewish Messiah, would we care?  Should we?

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RT: Manipulatives

Reformation Thought: Manipulatives Neither my wife, nor I, ever planned to be educators.  Certainly, parenting has an inherent requirement involving education as we ‘train up our children,’ but homeschooling was not our expectation when we began some six or more … Continue reading

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RT: Grafting

Reformation Thought: Grafting

I don’t consider myself much of a farmer. Yes, we raise tilapia, have several beehives and half a dozen milk goats. We have laying hens, a greenhouse and raised garden beds. We even have eight or nine fruit trees and a dozen or more fruiting vines. Still, I only reluctantly claim any ability to grow anything. The real reason is that I know I do not have the proverbial ‘green thumb.’ Just check the spot where I have managed to kill two beautiful apricot trees. It stands as a testament to the many other plants that I have tortured or terminated in any number of dumb ways.

Maybe that is why I consider grafting to be one of the so called ‘holy grails’ of farming. There seems a certain mystery to it, but I aim to learn more about it this year. Someone recently told me of an article about how to graft tomato plants for increased yield and multiple varieties on a single vine. Sounds like a new way to destroy formerly green plants that I’m itching to try. But, I digress.

Grafting is indeed a tricky piece of husbandry whereby a branch or bud from one plant or tree can be trimmed and inserted into a notch in a strong(er) plant for the benefit of nourishment from the root stock. The cutting by itself, in most cases, will die. However, if someone who knows what they are doing can trim it up and properly graft it into a choice stock/stump, it will bear much fruit.

Paul rightly uses the grafting metaphor in Romans 11:17-24 when he explains how Gentiles ‘become partakers of the rich root of the olive tree.’ At least six times in those eight verses he uses the words graft and grafting. Continue reading

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RT: Olam!

Recently, I woke in the middle of the night thinking, ‘Olam!’ No kidding!

I got out of bed and slipped into the quiet den so I could consider some of the uses of this Hebrew word of promise. Continue reading

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RT: Names

We sing, “Blessed be the name of the Lord…”

We pray, “..hallowed be Your name…”

We say, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower…”

His name. I’m sure I never really understood how very important His name is, until recently. Yet there are literally hundreds of verses of Scripture pointing to the significance of His name. How is it that I could go for decades and NOT understand the significance? Continue reading

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