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Early feedback from Repairing the Breach

My hope, when putting Repairing the Breach together, was that it would be a book that was readable; not too ‘theological’ while also prompting deep and challenging thoughts in readers from all backgrounds.  In the last two weeks, I have … Continue reading

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Modern inquisitions and being burned at the stake…

Foxe’s Book of Martyrs is a volume every believer should read.  It is at once sad, amazing and instructive to read the accounts of those who stood in the face of the religious establishment, even going to the flame.  Convinced … Continue reading

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Evangelism, Heresy and the Eighth Article

I have a friend, Tom, who just returned from his 15th or 20th trip to Israel.  He is a believer in Yeshua who looks very much like an Orthodox brother of Judah. For the last five or six years he … Continue reading

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Wowsers!  I’m familiar with and have used all of these verses before, but my friend Steve King assembles a doozy of an image.   Selah! http://bible.com/1/2ti.4.4.KJV

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An Open Invitation to Pastors and Students of the Bible

Publicly or privately, via phone, email or face to face, let’s discuss the Scriptures. What do they say concerning our very Hebrew Messiah, Yeshua, and how He says we should be walking?  What are the traditions we have inherited that … Continue reading

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Westminster Confession Errors, Pt. 1

As a young boy and through my teen years, I was reared in a church that was part of the  Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) denomination.  The actual congregation my family was a part of, Lebanon Presbyterian Church, was founded … Continue reading

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Heresy Hunting, or Truth Telling?

I love James Pyles, my friend who hosts and writes My Morning Meditations.  I pretty much knew that when I posted my ‘rather provocative challenge‘ that he would show up…  I just didn’t expect to be described, albeit tongue in … Continue reading

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What did the Early Church Fathers REALLY do? *edited*

Excellent, excellent series.  May be the best investment of an hour this month!!  Pieces of church history your seminary trained pastor may not know…  Some of this I didn’t know and I have seminary paper hanging on my wall… **Edit: … Continue reading

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The Apostle Paul was NOT a Christian!

Paul never converted to anything. Christian mythos teaches that Saul, a rabbi, converted to Christianity.  In fact, that is utter fallacy to support false doctrine/theology. Here is what my New American Standard Bible says, “Acts 9:1-3  (NASB) The Conversion of … Continue reading

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What are the ‘sacred writings…?’

Lately, I have been feverishly working to finish an extended study of the Book of Ezra.  Part of my study today brought a familiar verse to mind, so I took a quick look.  You know this one.  Rav Shaul (Paul), … Continue reading

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