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Repairing the Breach is now available….

  Well, the final approval is finished and Repairing the Breach is available directly from Create Space at this link.   is here.    Here is the Kindle link.  And, here is the Amazon link for the book. I look forward to … Continue reading

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The beauty of a bridge…

The events of this past week on the US Presidential stage as well as in global economic and military arenas have been nothing short of amazing.  But, something far greater has begun taking shape and though it is invisible to … Continue reading

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the Respective Costs of Christian Anti-Judaism and Exclusionist Messianic Teachings

Recently, I have been doing more reading and studying of topics and perspectives related to the historic division between Christianity and Judaism and trying to dig more into what the correct theological understanding is of being grafted-in.  Contrary to the … Continue reading

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The Apostle Paul was NOT a Christian!

Paul never converted to anything. Christian mythos teaches that Saul, a rabbi, converted to Christianity.  In fact, that is utter fallacy to support false doctrine/theology. Here is what my New American Standard Bible says, “Acts 9:1-3  (NASB) The Conversion of … Continue reading

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From Judiasm to Christianity to Hebrew Roots

The intent of the Gospel from the beginning was the intersection/union of Jew and Gentile.  One in Messiah. Paul Nison’s interviews are so cool as he finds and speaks with a broad cross-section of those who are coming back into … Continue reading

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