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Pro-Israel Christians: Snakes in the Vineyard or Brothers-in-Arms?

A few days ago, friend, Eliyahu Berkowitz shared a link for the following article that he authored.  This terrific, must-read, piece spells out the battle for how we, non-Jewish supporters of Israel, should be view as compared to how some … Continue reading

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The beauty of a bridge…

The events of this past week on the US Presidential stage as well as in global economic and military arenas have been nothing short of amazing.  But, something far greater has begun taking shape and though it is invisible to … Continue reading

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A most tender display of repentance!!

Following in an amazing letter and response between two incredible and incredibly different men, both of whom I am privileged to call friends and co-laborers in the restoration of long broken relations. I first read Ken Rank’s letter a few … Continue reading

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More than just the dry bones of Ezekiel coming alive!!

Over the last year, I have been a witness to and a part of seeing the dry bones, spoken of by Ezekiel the prophet ( ch. 37 ) begin to come to life.  Indeed, there is much much more that … Continue reading

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Christians Returning to the Jewish Roots of the Saturday Sabbath

I was notified this morning of an article published in today’s Breaking Israel News.   Knowing the author, Eliyahu Berkowitz, has been a blessing.  He genuinely wants to understand us who stand in ‘no man’s land.’  I really look forward to … Continue reading

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The Omer, bread making and last Shabbat

This past Shabbat we were blessed to host a couple local fellowships and have 50-60 people here for worship and food.  I invited our good friends, Tommy and Dorothy Wilson, to come do the teaching according to whatever the Father … Continue reading

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Christian Seders a Growing Phenomenon

Breaking Israel News (BIN) has a terrific article up this morning that delves in the Seder observance of Messianic and Hebrew roots believers.  I appreciate Eliyahu, the author, giving us a fair shake and accurately reflecting our position, even if … Continue reading

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