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Israel: Off the Beaten Path

Many who visit Israel, do so with a tour group and spend most of their time staying in hotels, thus missing prime interaction with people who live in the Land. There are some who take the ‘road less traveled’ and … Continue reading

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Ten Parts in the King now available for pre-order!!!

Ten Parts in the King will begin shipping on January 25, 2017.  The first print run is only 2500 copies, and I know 150 are already spoken for, so you may want to pre-order now!! Pre-order here! Also, for those … Continue reading

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L’shana tova!! Happy New Year! (and, we are packing for Israel…)

This evening, according to the Hillel II calendar and the sighting of the moon, is Yom Teruah, or the Day of Trumpets.  This day marks the beginning of civil year 5777 in Israel and is the day on which kings … Continue reading

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Terrific Video of Ephraim and Rimona Frank!

The B’ney Yosef North America website is finally starting to release a number of videos and articles as there is a web team in place to oversee and manage upkeep.  Here is a link to the newest offer, Two Sticks … Continue reading

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More than just the dry bones of Ezekiel coming alive!!

Over the last year, I have been a witness to and a part of seeing the dry bones, spoken of by Ezekiel the prophet ( ch. 37 ) begin to come to life.  Indeed, there is much much more that … Continue reading

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Interesting video on prophecy…

Here is a fascinating video I had time to watch this morning.  Steve introduces several potentially paradigm shifting thoughts on some prophecies that are very interesting.   Take a look and tell me what you think…

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B’ney Yosef North American Summit Invitation!

The Plenary Session is behind us and we have been working feverishly to plan and prepare for a B’ney Yosef North American Summit.  Seating is limited to about 300 on Friday evening and a few more over the Saturday and … Continue reading

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Email from Ephraim and Rimona Frank

Here is an excellent email I received from Ephraim and Rimona Frank.  It was a blast to their distribution list, so some may have seen it… Shalom Fellow Israelite, The other day I had to go and buy myself a … Continue reading

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United 2 Restore – Connecting to Israel Tour

Our good friend, Hanoch Young, has asked me to post the following message with details for the fall 2014 Israel tour that he and Ken Rank are sponsoring through United2Restore.  Please seriously consider this VERY unique opportunity to have an … Continue reading

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… then, He is NOT God!!

Have you ever noticed that there are dozens of places in Scripture where Yahweh says, in connection with some prophesied promise, ‘then you will know that I am Yahweh!’ Essentially, He is saying, ‘if I don’t do X, then I … Continue reading

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God will have to apologize to Jerusalem….

As I was reading several chapters in Ezekiel last night, I came across a passage that so perfectly describes the Christian Church that it occurred to me that if God DOESN’T judge her, then He will HAVE to apologize to … Continue reading

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