Pro-Israel Christians: Snakes in the Vineyard or Brothers-in-Arms?

A few days ago, friend, Eliyahu Berkowitz shared a link for the following article that he authored.  This terrific, must-read, piece spells out the battle for how we, non-Jewish supporters of Israel, should be view as compared to how some actually view us.  Along with several others of the Administrative Council for B’ney Yosef North America, I have been blessed to spend a fair amount of time with Eliyahu and learn his heart for Israel, for us and for a return to “Temple Judaism” v. “Diaspora Judaism.”  May his public redress of Fuchs and public challenge of the Rabbinate be heard and heeded.


Pro-Israel Christians: Snakes in the Vineyard or Brothers in Arms?

The recent op-ed by Donny Fuchs (“Snakes in the Vineyard,” Aug. 7) accuses HaYovel, a non-profit organization that brings Christian volunteers from all over the world to serve Jewish farmers in Israel, of being a missionary organization attempting to convert Jews to Christianity. From personal experience, interviews as the chief reporter for Breaking Israel News and my own research, I feel Fuchs’ article reeks of a form of xenophobia that was appropriate to galut (exile) Judaism, but that now holds Eretz Yisrael Judaism back from its higher, global purpose.

Fuchs writes that accepting non-Jewish volunteers to work in Israel violates halacha (Torah law), but he fails to cite which halacha this violates. If he is referring to the section of halacha dealing with avoda zarah (idol worship), then he is bringing up a very complex issue and an issue about which many rabbinic experts disagree. You can compare Fuchs’ statement, for example, to the simple and blunt assertion that a kosher-eating Jew cannot consume pork. It seems obvious, but this statement is not entirely accurate, as it discounts the sections of halacha   dealing with taarovet (when a non-kosher mixture inadvertently occurs) or yavesh b’yavesh (when pieces of kosher and non-kosher foods are mixed). I am not a great rabbi. As such, I rely on the opinion of Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, a globally accepted halachic authority, who has welcomed HaYovel – and founder Tommy Waller – with open arms. Rabbi Melamed wrote a halachic ruling on the subject in which he states that the litmus test is a love of Israel. The rabbi instructed Jews to welcome Christians who love Israel, and to consider them allies in geula (redemption).  Continue reading…

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5 Responses to Pro-Israel Christians: Snakes in the Vineyard or Brothers-in-Arms?

  1. Sue in Aqaba says:

    Amazing article! I started off marveling at Mr. Berkowitz’s clear understanding of the changes that God has wrought in the hearts of so many ‘Christians’ (“Waller and his family are far along a path that has led them outside of the church they grew up in. They do not seek to be Jewish, nor do they seek to influence Jews. They have come specifically to connect with Jews who are strongly connected to Israel to help them find their way. But not as Jews.”) But then he blew me out of the water and brought tears to my eyes when he put into words the very thoughts that have filled my mind for months now: “We must move forward to the next stage: Eretz Yisrael, Beit HaMikdash and Moshiach. This will require a willingness from Jews to take their role in the world, guiding the nations through the crises they are facing today. This will require rabbis who are experts in agricultural Judaism, purity laws, Temple laws and laws of commerce. This will require the reappearance of Torah concepts that became fossils, such as ger toshav, a non-Jewish resident in the Land of Israel. This will require rabbis who can relate to non-Jews through something other than a dysfunctional conversion process. This will require a Sanhedrin, and not a Chief Rabbinate.” May it be so, soon and in our days!

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  2. mike- new email address says:

    After reading the article in the Jewish Press link I scrolled down and read the comments. To say the lest it will be a uphill climb.


  3. mike- new email address says:

    I agree. We may not see it in our lifetime. i’m just impatience.


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