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In the beginning was the … Memra!

Maybe you’ve never heard this, but John’s use of ‘the Word’ (John 1:1ff) is not original.  Authoritative Aramaic translations of the Torah done by the rabbis, some 150+ years before Yeshua, used ‘Memra’ or ‘Memra de Yeya’ (Word, or Word of … Continue reading

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God doesn’t like the smell of cr@p!!

Years ago when I was in sales, I walked up to a scheduled appointment at a very nice looking condominium. As I knocked on the door my expectations were very high (this was a ‘hot lead’) until the door opened.  … Continue reading

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‘from the midst of the fire…’

Originally published 8/11/14, but again brought to mind in my studies. Very important and interesting… There have been a few thoughts from this week’s Parsha, Va’etchanan (and I pleaded), running through my head that I want to share in a … Continue reading

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Torah Portion Notes for Vaetchanan

Ray’s Torah Study Notes for next week’s Vaetchanan have been posted to the Torah Portion page.  Please read, enjoy, share around, email, etc….  

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Torah Portion: Devarim

Ray Gardner’s Study Notes for Torah Portion Devarim are posted.  Enjoy!

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את Tuesday…

Seven more  את (Aleph Tav) ִimages added to the A-T Images page, all from the Book of Deuteronomy.  Here is one:  (Please share and tell the Aleph Tav story.  Details in video, etc at Bill Sanford’s site.)

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Shoftim: Defining the Messiah

This week’s Torah potion is fascinating in that it offers several very clear pictures concerning our Moshiach.  We see pictures of Him as judge, king and the most famous and clear picture, as prophet.  There is a shadow of Him … Continue reading

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