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Torah Portion: Shoftim (Deuteronomy 16:19-21:9)

What was really Solomon’s sin? It may not be what you’ve been taught.. Also, why does the adversary hate men and masculinity? And, does God ever regulate a sin? Numerous interesting points to discuss in this week’s portion as it … Continue reading

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Notes for Shoftim and Ki Tetse posted

Recently, I added Ray Gardner’s study notes for Torah portion: Shoftim, meaning ‘judges.’  This morning I added his study notes for next week’s portion: Ki Tetse, meaning ‘when you go out’.  Stop but the Torah Portion page for those.  Feel … Continue reading

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Shoftim: Defining the Messiah

This week’s Torah potion is fascinating in that it offers several very clear pictures concerning our Moshiach.  We see pictures of Him as judge, king and the most famous and clear picture, as prophet.  There is a shadow of Him … Continue reading

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