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Ruth, Jordan and the Balm of Gilead

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a blog and the first couple posts jumped out at me.  They spoke directly to some areas where the Father has been teaching me.  The beauty of this blog is that it is … Continue reading

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This quote is a KEEPER!!

Friend and co-author Al McCarn has just reviewed Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler’s groundbreaking (ground shaking?) Ten From the Nations.  I highly recommend the review, but especially want to share a quote that is worthy of framing! “…those who persevere in … Continue reading

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Back to Basics: Reflecting on the New Covenant

I woke this morning pondering the New Covenant, and once coffee was made and poured, I sat to reread it.  I was draw to begin reading at Jeremiah 30:18 to be reminded of the context and who the players are.  … Continue reading

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Religion v Family: A believer’s litmus test….

The Elders and the Administrative Council for B’ney Yosef North America meet on a quarterly basis via zoom.us to insure our bi-weekly individual Council meetings are well coordinated and moving in the same direction.  Our discussions and interaction is always rich … Continue reading

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Introducing: Ten Parts in the King Website

Ten Parts in the King now has a website!!  Al and I have set this up to keep you informed of our progress and to promote the book as we head into the final stages of publication. Click the banner … Continue reading

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Stumbling Toward Jerusalem

Our home fellowship had a rousing discussion yesterday as we dug into the Torah portion (Lev. 9-11) and the Haftarah (Ez. 36:16-38).  In the midst of the Haftarah, I had an ‘a ha!’ moment.  Walk with me as we consider … Continue reading

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Until The Two Become One (Must read, by Ken Rank)

Following is a terrific article by Ken Rank explaining the Two Stick Prophecy of Ezekiel 37, a passage that is largely overlooked by theologians in its significance. Until the Two Become One by Ken Rank What the herders did not … Continue reading

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Global Reading of Shema Prayer Announced for Monday

Yesterday, I received an email alerting me to a global initiative to pray the Shema at 9 p.m. Jerusalem time (2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time).  I encourage readers here to participate in solidarity with Brother Judah as we call on … Continue reading

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And I will put a heart of flesh in you….

How many times in this passage does Yehovah refer to heart, soul, etc?  Clearly, the Torah was to be written on our hearts from the very beginning! http://bible.com/1/deu.6.4-7.KJV

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A Matter of the Heart!!

Lately, I have been marking instances of ‘heart’ in the Tanakh, or ‘old’ Testament.  My specific reason is that on so many occasions, in conversations with others regarding the importance of Torah in our day, I am told that it … Continue reading

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Ha Am Sheli העם שלי (My People)

A friend sent me this video with the following note: Lazer Lloyd’s – Ha’am Sheli (My People) – Lloyd released as part of the Jewish Unity Music Project, which he created to spread awareness of the conflicts within different groups in Judaism. … Continue reading

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Genetic Memory? The Monarch Butterfly and You!

While reading Batya Wootten’s Who Is Israel? recently, I came across an interesting phenomenon.  (Thoughts on the book later.) Wootten uses the Monarch butterfly to illustrate a possible reason why so many today are turning to Judah and embracing the … Continue reading

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Full Hanoch video that the previous compilation came from!

I did a little digging…  didn’t take much… and found the full video of Hanoch Young’s comments in the previous video I posted. Even better, there are some terrific comments before hand by two other gentlemen:  Frank Houtz and Ken … Continue reading

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Thank you, Judah!!

I wrote, in a very recent post , “Are there some things very special about Judah that we need to acknowledge?  Absolutely!! ” Even as I wrote it, I was thinking of a few things I am very thankful to … Continue reading

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The Remez Gospel

So, I was reading in the Gospel of John, when I saw a ‘picture’ I had never seen before. One of the really cool things I have learned as I have grown in this Hebraic walk, is that there is … Continue reading

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