Genetic Memory? The Monarch Butterfly and You!

While reading Batya Wootten’s Who Is Israel? recently, I came across an interesting phenomenon.  (Thoughts on the book later.)

Wootten uses the Monarch butterfly to illustrate a possible reason why so many today are 220px-Monarch_In_Mayturning to Judah and embracing the ancient paths of our Messiah.  The reason the Monarch butterfly is so fascinating is that it has an annual migratory pattern from various parts of the US to some specific locations in Mexico, however, the normal life cycle is a scant six to eight weeks for three of the four annual generations.  Essentially, the butterflies live and breed through three generations each spring and summer in the US with the fourth  generation migrating to Mexico and living there in the exact same trees as their fathers in semi hibernation for 5-6 months before breeding and the babies flying back to their respective summer homes in the US.

Fascinating!  Four generations later they land in the same tree!!

Some scientists have postulated some kind of ‘genetic memory,’ the idea that something is coded into the DNA that is marking time through successive generations to make the fourth fly south and the next to fly north, each to a specific location!!

Monarch-butterflies-pacific-groveNow, it may indeed be that something is coded into the DNA, but we know that the complexity necessary for such to occur could not be a product of evolution, but rather points to the very intelligent design of an all powerful Creator.

Wootten uses the illustration to consider how it is that Ephraim, the ‘catch-all’ name for the scattered ten tribes of Israel, seem to be awakening and ‘finding their way home.’

While I enjoyed the book and agree with her premise on who Israel is, I tend to tread very carefully with any assumption that a physical genetic connection is present in those who are awakening.  Scripture very clearly explains and prophesies both the scattering and the regathering, but also seems pretty clear that many, if not all, of Ephraim are spiritual descendents, though I would absolutely agree that being grafted-in or adopted into the house leads to physical promises and blessings as well as learning to physically walk as our patriarchal fathers did.  In the spiritual regard, the Monarch illustration begins to break down, unless we understand that it is the Creator who directs those butterflies in their proper generation and timing to fly north or south, and to where.

Indeed, the Scriptures promise a work of Yahweh that will regather the House of Israel!  Inmonarchs-hibernating fact, one cannot even begin to understand Scripture in general and prophecy specifically if they do not understand who the Houses of Israel and Judah are.  Other names/references include the House of Joseph, Ephraim, and in a couple places, ‘the whole house of Israel.’

References are plethora, though major highlights would include Ezekiel 37, Hosea, Jeremiah 30-33, etc.  Many, many passages deal with the House of Israel and the House of Judah.  Just read the ‘new’ covenant!!  It is NOT with the church, or Gentiles, or any other group…  It is with Israel and Judah!!  Double check me and go read it in Hebrews 8!!

Some might think I’m missing a screw here, but bear with me.  Have you felt a call to go deeper?  Have you sensed there is more to Scripture, but the pulpit doesn’t feed?  Consider this:  You are not alone and our Father is calling people out of the church and into the ancient paths to walk as Messiah Yeshua walked.

The stories vary from person to person, but the Deep that calls to deep remains the same.  In my fellowship is a lady who heard a shofar and in her words, ‘it touched me so deeply I just knew.  I HAD to find out the what and why.’  That shofar blast began her journey home!  A very similar story is recounted in the first couple minutes of this video, interestingly, also the hearing of the shofar!

Me?  Increasing discontent with the traditions wrapped up in Christmas and Easter led me to begin research.  Once I knew the origins of those traditions I knew from a Scriptural basis that I HAD to reject those holidays.  Once I did, I prayed, ‘Alright God, now what?’  He took me to His Word and a study of HIS feasts.  The rest is history.

Another lady in our fellowship was reading the Book of Revelation.  She came to Revelation 21:12 and went and asked her pastor for a meaning.  She said, “Which gate do I go in?  There is no Lutheran gate.”  He had no answer and she was compelled to study it out.  She has been a practicing Messianic for five or six years and prays to make aliyah!

I can’t answer if it is ‘genetic memory,’ as Wootten postulates, but I do KNOW it is a move of Yahweh who is waking people from every tribe, tongue and nation across the planet to a better understanding of Scripture and a deep desire to learn and walk in the ancient paths.  It is a ‘migration’ that is inexplicable, much like the beautiful Monarch butterfly.

If, in you, there are questions that are not being answered by the doctrinal springs you have been drinking from, I would recommend deep prayer and an open heart to allow the Father to begin to point you in a slightly different direction.  You just may find yourself on this amazing journey that feels like well worn slippers as you turn toward home!

The migration has begun!  Escape the coming winter!

Shalom Aleichem!!

About Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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5 Responses to Genetic Memory? The Monarch Butterfly and You!

  1. vatis4yah says:

    WOW……..and did I say WOW !!!
    Pete, you just made me cry in front of everyone ….


  2. Maruanda says:

    Same here, you have a way with words, I felt at home reading this, knowing I am where I belong, Praise Abba!


  3. One of the things that began to get my attention as early as 20 years ago was the migration of the Ten Tribes into Western Europe. Granted there is much error in such teachings as British Israelism, and I do not in any way uphold such false doctrine. However, Abba did use many scholars such as Batra Wooten and others who have been searching for the Lost Tribes to draw me into awareness of my own Israelite heritage. I am very excited at the possibility of learning that I am descended from one of the tribes, yet whether I am a natural born Israelite or not is of secondary importance. The primary issue is that Yeshua’s work has made it possible for me and my house to be grafted in (or grafted back in) to the nation. Thus I take to heart Paul’s exhortation:
    “As I urged you when I went into Macedonia—remain in Ephesus that you may charge some that they teach no other doctrine, nor give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which cause disputes rather than godly edification which is in faith.” (I Timothy 1:3-4)
    Praise YHVH for those who continue to look for Ephraim and the other tribes. One day their work will bear fruit as our King restores all the tribes. Until then, we need go no farther to stake our claim than the testimony of Ephesians 2 and Galatians 3.


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  5. Interesting thing about the Monarch, it returns on the 4th generation (day?) Is this a kinda type and shadow found in nature (see Romans 1:20)? It seems the call went out for the children to come home at day 4 (4000 years form creation) with Yahshua solved “the mystery” (how’s she gonna be married back in once having been married to another). It will be day 4 that we enter into the New Earth. Interesting…….


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