You are invited….

My recent post/review of Boaz Michael’s Tent of David has really fostered some good discussion.  Probably one of the longest and best discussion thread on any post on this blog.  At times it has been spirited, but peace and grace have been the general tenor.  Thank you!!

You-Are-Invited-300x199Leaders in the discussion have been bloggers James Pyles of My Morning Meditations and Ruth of Sojourning With Jews.  Both are friends I have gotten to know over the last year in the blogosphere and though we do not see eye to eye on all things Messianic, we all desire truth and enjoy the pursuit thereof.  Each of us has publicly wrestled with thoughts and understandings as we search the Scriptures (though I envy both for being more open with their hearts than I have been…).

In the process of our discussion, I mentioned to James via email that we ought to read and review/discuss a book at the same time and I offered J. K. McKee’s One Law as a possible candidate.  He accepted and I asked Ruth in the comments thread of the Tent of David discussion to which she also agreed.  So:  YOU are invited!!

If you would like to join us in this endeavor, order a copy of the book from or from or some such, and start reading!!  James, Ruth and I will put our heads together for a few ground rules on how we want to proceed, and then you can join in the discussion with book in hand!!

One point to stress for all of us from the outset: the goal here is to learn and grow.  We may be challenged, but we want to plan on good vigorous discussion that at the same time is peaceful and displays the fruit of the Spirit!!

A note about this book:  I have never read it and have no idea what McKee will say or whether I agree or disagree…  And, I don’t think Ruth or James have read it either!  I do know that personally, I have read several other McKee books/commentaries and I have found him to be scholarly, readable, studied and rather moderate as non-Jewish Messianics go.  He has struck me as a very balanced voice that seeks foremost the truth, but tends to be very sensitive in how he expresses it to bring direction and healing without inflicting pain.  Because the One Law topic tends to be very divided and inflammatory, this might be particularly interesting…

If you plan to join in, please note it in the comment section!  I look forward to having you along and hope Ruth and James might involve some of their readership, as well.  My copy is on the way!


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Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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18 Responses to You are invited….

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  2. Zion says:

    Sounds good… I don’t have a blog, but I will join in the blog post made… 😀


  3. David Bell says:

    I guess that this is referring to the prophecy, “I will restore again the tabernacle of David”. The book “The Tabernacle of David”: The Presence of God as Experienced in the Tabernacle (Paperback) Kevin J. Conner (Author) is nearly 40 years old, but is an excellent summary. To me, the prophecy was/is fulfilled in the movement started as “Scripture in Song” (David and Dale Garrett) which circled the world in the late 60s and early 70s. Again, at a personal level, it has been a process working at several levels.

    A friend (Arnold Kennedy) wrote a book (The exclusiveness of Israel) and it has clarified many aspects of the importance of the House of Israel, as distinct from the House of Judah. It has also subsequently led me to concentrate on the original Covenant around the law (“…if you obey my laws, then you shall be to me a holy nation, a kingdom of priests.” This became the new covenant (Jer 31:31ff, and Heb 8:8ff), and, over the last few months, it has been my delight to embrace the wonder and delight of the law. Again, it has also led me to examine the Levitical laws from a scientific point of view. This has shown me how totally scientific they are, so I follow them from very practical self-interest.

    As for the feasts, most of them are easy to follow, with one exception. The Feast of Trumpets does not seem to have any connection with Jesus. Or may I speculate? One idea that does occur to me is that, as a major announcement, there is one obvious missing item, the date of the birth of Messiah. However, I know of no way of either verifying or rejecting such a notion. Living in the southern hemisphere (NewZealand) the festivals of harvest do not line up for me, so that is a very practical problem. Do I celebrate the date, or the event?


    • Pete Rambo says:

      David, the first link in this article takes you a previous blog post with extensive comments. It was about Boaz Michael’s book ‘Tent of David.’ Might clear some of that up for you.

      As to the Feast of Trumpets, I believe it announces a future event: the coming of the King. All Fall feasts (Spring for you) are yet unfulfilled.


  4. James says:

    OK, so now I’m confused. I thought we’d be co-reviewing this book. I must have misread the email.


  5. Ro Pinto says:

    I’m in, just hope I can keep up with you guys! I ordered ‘One Law’ last night and started digging in. Will be an interesting conversation.


  6. K. Gallagher says:

    You can count me in as well, Pete. I have the ebook and will begin rereading it now. (: I look forward to healthy and respectful conversations on this. (:


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  8. James says:

    Just a suggestion. If you want to follow the commentary, it would help to also visit (if you haven’t already) my blog post in response to this one and view any new comments. Sometimes, I post preliminary impressions as I start reading a book.


  9. James says:

    I just want to let anyone who happens to be following this topic that I’m going to review McKee’s book on my blog in two parts. Part one will publish tomorrow morning and hopefully part two will go online on Friday (I still have about forty pages left to read). Just FYI.


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