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What do the prophets prophesy MORE than the Messiah? (95% of the Church doesn’t know…)

Today is First Fruits and indeed, this is a special day.  But the prophets repeatedly point to a  more important event that is enabled by the raising of Yeshua. Do you know what it is?  Can you trace its significance … Continue reading

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Dividing and Gathering

During last week’s Torah Portion, Tommy and Dorothy Wilson, while leading the Shabbat discussion at the Second B’ney Yosef Congress, made a statement that I found very interesting and insightful.  Of course, the Portion was Bresheit and their focus was … Continue reading

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More on the Bney Yosef Plenary Session

In my last post I promised more about the recent B’ney Yosef Plenary Session in central TN. Honestly, I am still processing and incredibly busy with some of the work that came out of it in planning the upcoming B’ney … Continue reading

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ALL Israel… Bones, sticks and kingdoms…

I have really been soaking in Ezekiel 36 the last few days and several times have read on til the end of chapter 37.  Well, this morning a coworker asked me about the dry bones and I got to share … Continue reading

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Who Wrote the Gospel of John?? (Not John?)

Anyone who has even a rudimentary grasp of Greek knows that ‘James’ did not write  the Book of James.  Rather, it was Ya’acov, or Jacob.  The name wasn’t changed to James until the 16th century if I am not mistaken.  … Continue reading

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Pastor can’t count to three??

Maybe this will help: Or this: Larger version here. Learn the truth.  It matters!

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