Testimony from a new Torah follower

I am always interested in hearing how people come to seek out their Hebraic roots resulting in Torah pursuance.  I spoke two days ago with a young man who recently began attending a Greenwood, SC home fellowship with which I am familiar.  Following is his fascinating testimony:

Early 2013

I was in the middle of my regular nightly routine one night, walking in between my bedroom and living room, and just before I passed through the doorway I was caught away abruptly into an open vision. I was immediately standing in an open area with a doorway in front of me, and I remember that the wind was blowing hard. There was an angel standing in front of me, sword drawn. The angel quickly closed the gap between us and held the sword up to my throat, much to my horror. I was sitting there afraid to move, and I heard a voice that I perceived to be the Father’s voice, which said, “This is the angel of my wrath, whom I have sent, and to whom it is given to consume those who do not keep my commandments.” It seemed almost as if the voice was coming from the angel, but I couldn’t tell because the angel had a cloak on that covered it’s head and I couldn’t see its face clearly because of the shadow of the cloak. So this was either a representation of our Elohim that I could understand with my human mind, or it was actually an angel and God was speaking from behind it. I wasn’t sure because all I could look at was the sword. I was terrified by the fact that it was about to kill me, and I cried out loud to Abba and said, “Father, why is the sword drawn against me? Have I not attained salvation and received the baptism of your Holy Spirit? Have I not cast out devils and also prophesied in your name?” There was no reply, just the angel moving the sword a little bit closer to my throat, in clear response to my question. I noticed then that the sword had a ring at the end of it, which went through a hole in the top part of the sword. I took this to mean that the sword had been drawn, and because of the ring, it could not be sheathed until it had accomplished its purpose. I came back to my senses quickly and immediately fell down and cried out to the Father. I’ll never forget the vivid picture in my mind, of the sword being only an inch or so away from my throat. The angel wasn’t evil looking, just very strong and stern. I found it interesting later that my response very closely mirrored that of those from the accounts in the gospels, where Y’shua said, “Depart from me you workers of iniquity, I never knew you.”
Now some backstory. A few months prior to this occasion, I was being convicted concerning remembering the Sabbath day and keeping it holy. I had no idea how to do this, and had never kept a Shabbat in my 10 or so years being a “Christian” (whatever that actually is), but I did know enough about how the day was changed from what we call Saturday to what we call Sunday, to know that something was amiss and that I should look into it. I had originally asked off work those days to be able to search the matter more in depth, but had stopped keeping Shabbat after a few months because not working on Friday nights or Saturdays was hurting my income as a Waiter and I was the only person I knew doing it. So this vision was the Father’s wake up call to me. It would still be a long while after this before I came to the knowledge of exactly what was meant by “those who do not keep my commandments,” but this was how God chose to get the ball rolling on my imminent and eventual Torah observance.

Chris, thank you for your willingness to share and type up your story.  May it bless others as it has blessed me.  So cool to see/hear the many different ways people are being called back to the ancient paths!


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4 Responses to Testimony from a new Torah follower

  1. This one gets a reblog. Thanks to you both for publishing this timely word.

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  2. Connie E says:

    Thank you Chris for sharing this with us.

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  4. Actually I did more than a reblog. This testimony added much weight to your Sunday School series, so I put it all together in one giant post: http://thebarkingfox.com/2015/02/16/the-urgency-of-finding-jesus-in-the-old-testament/. Thanks, Brother!

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