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‘Is the Torah only for the Jews?’ (Book Recommendation)

Lately, I have been so busy studying and training for a new position at work.  In my very limited spare time I have been reading and thoroughly enjoying a terrific primer that every person coming into an Hebraic understanding of … Continue reading

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A Common Error in Chrisitianity and Judaism (Pt 1)

Christianity,  Judaism and many Messianics suffer from a common error that effects pretty significantly how they understand large parts of Scripture, and particularly current events, both geopolitical and eschatological. While this error may seem very simple on the surface, it … Continue reading

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One Law, One God, One Body A Critical Look at Why There is a Hebrew Roots Movement

Recently, we have had a spirited discussion concerning the place of Jews and Gentiles in relation to Torah and each other.  Here is a related timely article that addresses a paper we previously mentioned.  I absolutely encourage every reader to … Continue reading

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Brad Scott’s Response… Hilarious.

We’ve talked a number of times on this blog about ‘One Law.’  Frankly, I’ve avoided directly addressing those who would divide the believers in Messiah with the false doctrine of ‘Bilateral ecclesiology’ or ‘Two Law.’  Brad Scott has a little … Continue reading

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