e-Sword! ***updated!!***

***Update***  :  I do not know if the links below still work, so my fellowship has recently decided to burn and mail copies of this program as well as a small package of other dvds to any who are interested.  Email me through the contact page with an address and we’ll get this out to you ASAP!  Thanks.

I want to start a new category in which I can give links or direction for freebies!  My hope is to share finds on the web that are helpful in our walk/worship.

Here is a free resource that has proved invaluable!!  e-Sword!

This free download has literally a truckload of books, dictionaries, commentaries, Bible versions, resources, maps, files, etc.  FREE!!

Here is what is on this E-Sword install:

e-Sword v 10.1.0
e-Sword Screensaver

And ….

AHRC-Mechanical Translation
AHRC-Revised Mechanical Translation
Accurate New Testement
Accurate New Testament with Strongs
American Standard Version
Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia w/Strong’s
Bishops Bible
Brenton – English Sepuagint 1851
English Majority Text Version
English Standard Version
Geneva Bible
Hebrew Interlinear
Hebrew Old Testament
Hebrew Old Testament w/Strong’s
Interlinear Greek New Testament
Textus Receptus Greek New Testament with Strong’s
International Standard Version
Jewish Publication Society 1917
King James Version w/Apocrapha
King James Version
King James Version w/Strongs
LXX – Greek Translation of the Hebrew Scriptures
LXX w/Strong’s
Aramaic Of The Peshitta by George M. Lamsa
Westminster Leningrad Codex
The Scriptures 1998
Word of Yahweh
Young’s Literal Translation

Commentary Files:
Hebrew Audio with MP3 files of every chapter of the Tenach
KJV Audio with MP3 files of every chapter of the Bible
Torah Portions

Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the bible
AHRC-Mechanical Translation-Dictionary
Brown – Driver – Brigg’s Dictionary
CARM Theological Dictionary
Easton’s Bible Dictionary 1897
Fausset’s Bible Dictionary
Concordance to the Greek Scriptures
Hebrew Scriptures Concordance
King James Concordance
King James Dictionary
LXX Concordance
Nave’s Topical Bible Dictionary
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Strong Distionary +LXX cross reference
Strong’s Hebrew Greek Dictionaries
Thayer’s Greek Definitions
Two Babylons Dictionary.dctx
Vine Dictionary of New Testament Words
Vine’S Complete Expository Dictionary of Old Testament
Webster 1828 Dictionary A-L
Webster 1828 Dictionary M-Z

Topic Files:
A Medical Account of Crucifixion
Antiquities of the Jews
Babylonian Talmud Michael L Rodkinson
Bible History, The, Old Testament by Alfred Edersheim
Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia
Dead Sea Scrolls
Flavius Josephus-An Autobiography
Fox’s Book of Martyrs
Fulfil – what it REALLY means
Gesenius’ Hebrew Grammar
Hebrew Roots Articles
Josephus-Against Apion
Legends of Babylonia and Egypt
Over 300 Messianic Prophecies
OJB extras
Paul – Least In The Kingdom?
Plurality in the Godhead
Sayings of the Jewish Fathers
Sepher-Yetzirah-Book-Of-Creation W-W-Wescottc1887
Sketches of Jewish Social Life
Strong – Greek in a Nutshell
Targum Pseudo-Jonathan (English Translation by JW Etheridge)
The Biblical Antiquities of Philo
The Book of Jasher
The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah
The Temple – Its Ministry and Service
The Two Babylons
The Book of Enoch
The-Targum-of-Jonathan-Ben-Uzziel-on-the-Pentateuch J-W-Etheridgec1865
The-Targum-of-Onkelos-on-the-Pentateuch J-W-Etheridgec1865
Tortured for Christ
Turgum of Palistine
Turgums of Onkelos
Wars of the Jews

Locations of Old Testament Events
American Bible Society Maps
Bible Atlas Maps
Black and White Bible Maps
Classic Bible Maps
Events of the Early Church
CIA World Factbook
Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd, 1923/1926
Bible maps from the Holman Illst. Bible Dictionary.
International Standard Version Maps
Life Events Ministry of Jesus Graphics
Bible Book Locations
Ancient Mediterranean
NASA Satellite Images
Bible maps from the “NET” Bible, set 1.
Bible maps from the “NET” Bible, set 2.
Maps 1998 Son Light Publishers
Biblical timeline according to the King James Bible.
World Maps

Gospel Harmony Files:
Old Testament verses in the New Testament sorted by OT Book
Old Testament verses in the New Testament sorted by NT Book
Prophecies of the Messiah
Torah Cycle

Verse Lists:
613 Commandments
God has Sons
One Father One God
One of God’s Sons is Yahshua
The Messiah used to Create everything
What or Who was Created First
Who has Existed from Eternity
Who is the Creator and source of all Life
Eklesia search results
NT Doctrine
NT Fulfil
NT Keep Commandments
OT Law is good

Ancient Paleo Hebrew (pictograph)
Middle Hebrew
Ancient Hebrew
SBL Hebrew
Semitic Early
Semitic Late
Semitic Middle
Semitic Modern

Did I mention, FREE??!!

Okay, you get the point.  I would recommend, if you have the resources, giving a gift to help the ministry of either/both 119ministries.com and awakenedchurch.com.  Both are dedicated ministries to the truth of Yahweh and His Word.  Both give from their own pockets and do not charge or charge minimally for their materials.

***I have this whole download on a thumbdrive.  Those who see me regularly need only remind me and have a laptop present and we can load it up in about five minutes.



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Details in 'About' page @ natsab.wordpress.com Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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13 Responses to e-Sword! ***updated!!***

  1. Debbie Goodloe says:

    How do I download all that to my E sword?


    • Pete Rambo says:

      The version of esword that I use came from http://awakenedchurch.com/e-sword . It is free and comes preloaded with a bunch of extras. If you already have esword, you can go to the esword website for additional free modules and other modules/translations/commentaries/documents that can be purchased for add-on…

      Hope that helps, if not, please clarify the question so I can better help!!



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  3. David says:

    Is that site still active? No recent posts.


  4. Rob Jo-Ann says:

    We love E-Sword!


  5. I subscribed to the list, and will let you know if they send the dvd to me 🙂


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  10. robert says:

    I have found the Scriptures, the Hebraic Roots, and the Word of Yahweh Bibles in E sword Formats using the search engines on line for free with accepted donations


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