Biblical Equality

This looks like another book I need to read!! Good, thought provoking article here challenging the paradigms within which we have been raised!

May our Father guide us to the echad fellowship He desires for His people. All of them!

Thanks for this!


john McKee

I just finished a short ebook by J.K. McKee of Outreach Israel Ministries and TNN Online called “Biblical Equality and Today’s Messianic Movement”. It is fantastic and I highly urge you to forgo a $3 coffee to buy this informative document. You will be glad you did. (: This post will explore some of Mr. McKee’s insights and some of my thoughts that he helped tie together.

Mr. McKee focuses on Galatians 3:28:

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Messiah Yeshua.

Notice that there are three categories of people mentioned in this verse. Most people understand that this verse is emphasizing the equity and freedom we have in Messiah. And this is true! However, there is more to the story. We will get to that…

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4 Responses to Biblical Equality

  1. loammi says:

    And Karen brought up the wonderful point of that verse with ‘no male nor female’ in regards to tzitzit…thank you Karen 🙂


  2. I find I must disagree with the thrust of the article. It appears that feminism in all it’s wickedness is gaining a toehold in this arena as well. Women are currently dismantling our culture and religion point by point, and it’s a tragedy in my eyes to see an endorsement of this behavior by the author of the article.


    • Zion says:

      Being a man myself ,I admit it was hard for me to understand this as well. However, she is not arguing for secular feminism, which is simply defined as “there is no difference between a man and a woman”, she also not arguing for their being “no difference between and gentile and a Jew”, and if you came away with that impression, you did not understand what she wrote. It is about mutual respect and servant hood, as opposed to self-service and self-gain, which is what we have seen throughout history. The reality is, women throughout history, have been treated like slaves, packages that can be traded around, and in many cases and many places in this world, are still treated like slaves, or in the most simple terms, treated as lesser and second to a man, and there are examples of this in America as well, even if they are more subtle, they are definitely present. Many views that are even held in traditional Christianity, view women as having no real say within the body of Messiah, and that is simply an error perpetuated by the dominance of men, like myself.

      We see a similar scenario with our faith. Christianity, a gentile dominated and run religion, makes Jewish calling and purpose of no value, it makes being Jewish second to being a Christian, which basically equates to, stop being Jewish and become a gentile in every way and thus be a second class to us as gentiles… On the flip side, we are seeing the hard line Messianic’s flip the table to the other extreme, pushing gentiles away from Torah observance and treating them as lesser in terms of the body of Messiah. And as she pointed out, it is a form of dominance and control, nothing has changed.


  3. Jack Jackson says:

    This is a subject that has definite “hazards” on going too far to the left or right. The Torah establishes the foundations, not the NT, Amen? Their are certainly established and separate roles for men and women. Men only fought in war, according to Torah. When Moses needed more to help him judge, it was YHVH that asked him to choose 70 men to put spirit upon. Why didn’t YHVH tell him to choose 35 men and 35 females? Was He worried about how the people would “handle it”? No! Yes Deborah eventually judges, but that was evidence that Israel was being judged by YHVH (Is. 3) not that He preferred a women judge. There was a women King also, never heard anyone use her as a claim that women should be Kings. Look at land ownership laws in Torah, they always kept the land in a patriarchal way, though women owned land at times, it had to stay in the names of men. Did YHVH make an error in this? Is there a wisdom there?

    Did Yeshua “come to set this straight”, changing His own ways in Torah? How many of the original 12 disciples were women? None! Was He worried they couldn’t handle it? Was He concerned He would loose popularity if He set things straight and appointed women to those positions? Not likely! What about definitions for elders, bishops….. in Timothy?

    Does one verse in Gal. 3:28 “change the Torah”, or does that one verse need to be understood in light of all other Scripture? There is a real present danger of the spirit of Jezebel in these “Days of Elijah”, just as there was in the days of Elijah, Jezebel, and Ahab. I have observed that where you find a spirit of Jezebel, there will almost always be a spirit of Ahab first. Remember there was a time that YHVH searched for “a man” to stand in the gap….but none was found! That time is always a time ripe for “Jezebel”, because men have not girded up and put on “big boys pants”. Be careful that “political correctness”, a tool of satan, doesn’t cause you men to go back into diapers, ceasing to be men.

    Women, do not despise the blessing YHVH has given you to bear and raise up His future children. You older women, do not despise your role to teach the younger women to love their husbands and children and be “keepers at home”. When you do despise these godly roles you fall into the trap set by satan in the garden for Eve. You are to overcome that “curse” by the blood of Yeshua and call out the spirit of Jezebel which seeks to sift you like wheat and destroy your marriages, families, and communities. I am watching numerous families implode all over the country for this very reason. Beware brethren!


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