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Ki Tisa, Shabbat 2/15/14 In His Presence

Originally posted on Davar Chaim:
Due to weather challenges, Shabbat services at Davar were cancelled this week, however, our family sat this morning to worship and look into the Word at the message I had prepared.  Here is the recording…

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Shabbat 2.1.14, Terumah, Exodus 26:31-33 The Veil!

Shabbat 2.1.14, Terumah, Exodus 26:31-33 The Veil!. Here is an excellent teaching from this week’s Shabbat service.  We focused on the Veil in the Tabernacle!  WOW!!  What an awesome study!  You will be blessed…  or your money back!  😉

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