Book review: Ten from the Nations

I have been delinquent in reviewing Ten From The Nations by Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler, but have read it, given copies away and then re-read parts!  What a terrific, neat and challenging book that grates up against my paradigms!

A few minutes ago, I wrote the review pictured at left on, but want to add a few thoughts here for my readers.  I gave it 5 stars, not because I agree with everything in the book, but because I salute Adler and her most important contribution to the Torah awakening.

Ten From The Nations is a must read for all who are curious about the Torah Awakening and how it is playing out in the ‘real world.’  The truth is, we all have ideas and thoughts, paradigms, of how we expect prophecy to be fulfilled. Within those paradigms is the assumption that our paradigm is the right one and that all will work out as we assume.  But, what if we are wrong?  What if the father has a different solution?  What if maybe, just maybe, Christendom has missed some things and Judaism has missed some things??

Ten From The Nations exposes the willing reader to the paradigms and expected outworkings of others on this journey, both Christian and Jewish.  And, some of those are gut-wrenching because they are so very different than our own expectations!

The solution is not to avoid the conversation or intensify effort to control it, rather, the solution is TRUST!!  We must trust that the Father, in His infinite plan and wisdom, is performing HIS work and we are front row observers, even players in this eternal plan.  we must walk out in faith the path before us and allow HIM to repair the breach and fulfill His work.

I highly recommend getting a copy, or several, to read and pass along to family and friends.  Gently, let them know it is not for the faint of heart, but these many testimonies of Jews and non-Jews, collected by Dr. Adler, are a window into what God is doing in our day.  Enjoy the stories you agree with, be challenged by those you don’t.  Meet brothers and sisters on this walk who are sensing the call of God and answering in so many varied ways.


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  2. Raemarie. Arnold says:

    Dear Rivkah, It was nice to meet you last week in Israel, when you came to our hotel to share your book. I have read it. It is thought provoking. Sometimes new adventures are messy and challenging. I thought that the book helped me to know that I know that Yeshua IS my Lord and Savior. That I love Him with all my heart, but as I stand on that promise, I am so glad for a deeper understanding of the “Covenant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,” I learn more about my Jewish brother and sisters. Blessings,

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