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My ‘take’ on ‘evangelize’…

The Articles of Declaration were accepted pretty much unanimously at the B’ney Yosef Summit in Tampa a couple weeks ago.  One article, however, continues to be a topic of discussion, and while I am not the authority (if you have … Continue reading

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John 3:16 and works…

Today, I was having a conversation with good friend and occasional natsab author, Travis Hughey, when he shared something with me I had never noticed.  (Seems to be happening a lot latelty…  LOL!) The context of his focus on these … Continue reading

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What ‘Word of God’ was Yeshua referring to?

In the same manner Christendom likes to equivocate on the meaning of ‘commandments,’ it is not uncommon to find them altering the plain meaning of ‘the word of God,’ in the text. Consider this text and what it means, But … Continue reading

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