Hanoch Young Speaking in Greenville, SC, April 28th.

Prophetically  it is clear that God is not done with the Jewish people. Ultimately, God will unite ‘all’ of those who are HIS. Hanoch Young an Orthodox Jew is a man who appreciates this Two-Sticksaspect of God’s redemptive work and sees Christians without condition as “family”

Come hear Hanoch Young as he visits with us from Israel, while on tour speaking at various locations in the US. Hanoch, originally a native New Yorker, fulfilled his dream to live in Israel where he is a licensed Tour Guide. However, his true passion for the last 20 years has been to encourage and network with Christian Zionist communities throughout the US. Having been ‘called’ to reach out to thank and support Christian lovers of Israel, he is coming to South Carolina to share some messages that every Bible Believer needs to hear direct from what he always refers to as the “Chosen Land”

Hanoch feels that WE are the “Watchmen on the Walls” that the Prophet Isaiah speaks of, and he has a program of what each of us can do to help support Israel, the Holy Land. Please don’t miss this opportunity to hear an update about the situation in Israel and what it means to our community.  We are feeling the great calling to help Israel – come hear Hanoch’s explanation of why that is….and his thoughts about the spiritual kinship between our communities.

Sabra Joines, April 2014

Hanoch Young, whom we have discussed several times, will be returning to the US for a speaking tour in late April and early May 2014.  As soon as I have his complete itinerary, I’ll post it with as much detail as I can get, but in the meantime, for those in the Southeast, especially South Carolina and Western North Carolina, I wanted to go ahead and get on your calendar for his engagement in Greenville, SC as this promises to be a big event.

The fellowship I help lead, Davar Chaim, is sponsoring this event, but not in our location!!  (Besides the fact that we are somewhat remotely located, our building will only hold about 100 people if we use a shoe horn to squeeze them in.)  Instead, we have been given access for a very small fee to GreenvilleFirst Church of the Nazarene,  Greenville, SC and their 600 seat auditorium!!

Our goal is to fill the auditorium with Jew and Gentile, Messianic and Christian brothers.  Hanoch desires to speak to, in his words, ‘Christians and Ephraim.’  Please help promote this to any and all in the area that might be interested in Hanoch’s message as explained by Sabra Joines.

The event, beginning at 6:30 pm.m on Monday, April 28, 2014, will include the sounding of the Shofar, the Shema, Messianic praise and worship with Davidic dance as well as several other components, capped by Hanoch’s presentation.  Please plan to be there and bring a few people with you!

If this is too far to attend (my South African and European readers…  😉 ) please pray for us as we promote this and ask Father to bless and fill the auditorium as we hear Hanoch and the call consider what ‘grafted in’ and ‘one new man’ mean, as well as how we can be a blessing to Judah!




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  2. Steve Mathe says:

    Please tell your web designer to turn the background around. The Torah page image is upside down. BTW, am a friend of Hanoch Young. Steve Mathe


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