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Is hate the answer? Yishai Fleisher and the Palestinian Question

My plans for the summer did not include reading or in any way weighing in on the discussion of Palestinians.  Honestly, while I probably should have been more educated on the issue, I can say that aside from driving through … Continue reading

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The Time to Flee…

Recently, Kimberly Rogers released a teaching titled The Time To Flee.  I have been through much of it and agree with many parts.  It is very long with the first hour or two simply drawing probable connections between Babylon and … Continue reading

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Pekudei and the Book of Revelation

An excellent teaching from Kimberly Rogers on this week’s Torah Portion, Pekudei.  I really appreciate her prophetic connections and she provides MUCH food for thought! You will be challenged and blessed. Pekudei 2014: What In The World Does Pekudei Have … Continue reading

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