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A prayer journey…

Recall that a couple weeks ago I posted a reblog about Greater Israel, the HUGE territory prophesied to be given to the sons of Israel. Well, today, I joined about 45 mostly non-Jews who understand the volume of prophesies regarding … Continue reading

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Speaking of “Greater Israel”….

Just yesterday, I posted a bit about Greater Israel and the explosiveness of hte topic.  well, imagine my surprise when I received the following news analysis and prayer points email today that delves into the very topic!!  And, it all … Continue reading

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“Greater Israel” explosive Topic!

Recently, while reading comments from an occasional commenter on my blog, I saw a link to a website with an intriguing name: “The Greater Israel”   Immediately, I was intrigued and went to peruse the site.  The first and, unfortunately, only … Continue reading

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The UN has a hard lesson coming….

Covenants are forever and God made a land covenant with Abraham for far more than that little sliver currently called Israel. The time soon approaches when Israel will own all that God originally promised Abraham.  This map is pretty accurate … Continue reading

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The Time to Flee…

Recently, Kimberly Rogers released a teaching titled The Time To Flee.  I have been through much of it and agree with many parts.  It is very long with the first hour or two simply drawing probable connections between Babylon and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Give Me A Place Where I May Dwell

An Idea Whose Time Has Come In February 1896, Theodor Herzl wrote a little booklet, published in Vienna and Leipzig, titled Der Judenstaat (The Jew State).  He argued for the establishment of a homeland for the scattered Jews abroad.  His seminal … Continue reading

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