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Coronavirus, Biblical Prophecy and a possible timeline… (Apocalypse now?)

Following are the ‘Cliffs Notes’ and link to a recorded prayer call on which Eddie Chumney shares some insightful thoughts a Scripture related to the current global Coronavirus pandemic and its possible relationship to prophecy.  Truly, we are in  very … Continue reading

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North Korea Threatens Israel!!!

A couple days ago I posted a quick blog about the interesting development that North Korea may have been prophesied as an endtimes player.  Then, imagine my surprise when this morning I wake and find a Jerusalem Post article titled, … Continue reading

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Mikketz… More Study Notes for the Joseph Story…

I just posted Ray Gardner’s Study Notes for Genesis 41-44.  As soon as I receive Ephraim and Rimona’s Hebrew insights, I’ll post them as well.

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Are YOU ready to pass the Smell test?

Recently, a Jewish young man had a near death experience during which he reports seeing and learning many things.  I’ll find a link to the extended interview to post below, but here is a neat short clip used by Ahavat … Continue reading

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Completed Christian?

If a ‘completed Jew’ has found Yeshua, what does that make a Christian who has found Torah? Revelation 12:17 says, Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring—those … Continue reading

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Pekudei and the Book of Revelation

An excellent teaching from Kimberly Rogers on this week’s Torah Portion, Pekudei.  I really appreciate her prophetic connections and she provides MUCH food for thought! You will be challenged and blessed. Pekudei 2014: What In The World Does Pekudei Have … Continue reading

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