Coronavirus, Biblical Prophecy and a possible timeline… (Apocalypse now?)

Following are the ‘Cliffs Notes’ and link to a recorded prayer call on which Eddie 4-horsemen-of-apocalypseChumney shares some insightful thoughts a Scripture related to the current global Coronavirus pandemic and its possible relationship to prophecy.  Truly, we are in  very interesting times and there are numerous speculations out there, but it is very important that we seek understanding from a Biblical, and especially, Torah-centric perspective.

Eddie is a personal favorite Bible teacher as he knows the Scriptures better than any human I’ve ever met. I recall asking him a question one time in Florida and he patiently sat there for abut a half hour, ignoring visitors to his table (except to accept money for books they bought) while he explained a concept using one passage after another with computer precision.  To my real amazement, he cited passage after passage, flipping to them and reading from an exceedingly well-worn Bible that had zero marks in it. Basically, I depend on highlights and marks to help me find the parts I know, he has the whole thing in his head and simply referred to passages so I could read and verify his explanation.

Anyway, in the following call, he is a guest and teaches between short prayer sessions.  I do recommend listening to the whole thing, but the notes are presented for a dear hearing impaired friend.  You can use them as well as the time stamps to click to specific topics, though everything builds on previous parts.

Be sure to read the verses referenced for clear understanding.  I will not paste them in (as much as I would like to) because it would make these notes VERY long.

Two caveats, because I’m sure I’ll get emails…

1. While this prayer call is led by a women’s group, they do not do any teaching.  I have publicly explained that I do not allow a woman to teach...  I stand by that, however, I listened through, twice, verifying that no woman is teaching and to hear and participate in the prayer.  Eddie is the one teaching and what he shares is important enough to get to you.

2. At a couple points, the participants pray in tongues or ‘prayer language.’ This is not something I am very comfortable with for several reasons I won’t explain here. I’ll simply say that I fast-forwarded through those two or three short times.

Without further ado, the audio is at:

Here are my notes with time stamps:

00:00 – 13:30  Prayer and Introduction of Eddie Chumney

14:45 – 33:50 First of several 15-20 minute teachings by Eddie, punctuated with prayer points and pauses for prayer by the group.

  • Mission of the Messiah is to gather the 12 tribes
  • Popular song,  These are the Days of Elijah.  Not just to make us feel good.
  • Matthew 17:10-13 Elijah must come, restores all things, return us to the ancient paths
  • Isaiah 42:8-25
  • Jacob sent into nations because he/we/they would not hear Torah. (v. 21, 24 ‘law’ = Torah in Hebrew.
  • Ministry of Elijah is to restore Torah
  • Matthew 17 – Elijah  will come, but he also  has come.
  • Luke 1 (esp. v. 17) – John the Baptist preceded Yeshua with message os repentance and restoration to Torah. Malachi 4:4-6!!
  •   STATUTES and  ORDINANCES!!  Statutes and ordinances must be restored  before the Great Tribulation (great and terrible Day of the Lord)
  • Statutes and ordinances are the  details of the Torah.  (Judgments – how we treat others; Statutes – Decrees of God that we may not understand, but must  DO.
  • Key: Statutes are what the Church has been missing!! (Feasts, Shabbat, Dietary instructions, etc)
  • Statutes are associated with loving God with all of heart, soul, mind and strength.
  • How long was the public ministry of John the Baptist? Maybe 6 months, but very liberally, 10 years… So, the ‘window of Elijah’ at Yeshua’s first coming was 6 mo. – 10 years.
  • Today: IF we are living in the Days of Elijah, how long is the window?
  • We know ‘Elijah’ is the ‘voice of one crying in the wilderness‘ therefore, not in mainline churches…
  • Messianic Movement has been returning to Torah and crying out for others to return to the statutes and ordinances.
  • Guesstimate: we are 20-20 years into the latter day ministry of Elijah, that voice in the wilderness
  • God, in His grace and mercy, has made the days of Elijah much longer in our generation than in the first century.
  • Ecclesiastes says there is a time and  a season for everything. The days of Elijah have a time/season, therefore, must eventually come to an end.
  • Malachi 4:4-6 ends with ‘lest I strike the land with a curse.’ Sign of the end of the Days of Elijah is a curse.
  • Isaiah 24:1-6 Note: v. 5, the reason judgment comes is breaking ‘law’ (Heb. ‘Torah’) and violated ‘statutes’. Result is a ‘curse’ devouring the earth. Specifically, ‘few men left’ (My note: COVID19 hits men twice as hard as women…)
  • 1st prayer item: for God to awaken virgins of Matthew 25 to consider selves and to be obedient
  • Purpose of Messiah’s coming is to gather and unite the 12 tribes of Israel.

33:50 – 36:55 Prayer time

36:55 – 39:45 Interesting testimony of God instructing a long time ministry in DC to ‘stand down.’  Worth listening to.  Independent verification that we are transitioning? Possibly.

39:45 – 54:00 Eddie continues.

  • Isaiah 30:12ff, message from ‘the Holy One of Israel’ (Yeshua)
  • 30:8ff specifically tells us this is a last days message, I.e., to last generation, described in the text as a rebellious generation who desire pleasant messages and ear tickling.
  • v. 12: from ‘Holy One of Israel’ to those who have ‘rejected this word’ previously described in v. 9 as ‘instruction’ (Heb. ‘Torah’)
  • The word the Holy One announces is  SUDDEN CALAMITY
  • Nobody expected Coronavirus in January, but by end of February, the whole world was rapidly changing.
  • (My note: 30:15 has a message for those who desire protection: Repent and rest, quietness and trust is our strength.’)
  • v.19ff Eddie explains ‘weep no more’ is a term associated with the end of the exile.
  • ‘Teacher in Zion’ ‘this is the way, walk in it’ a reference to Torah.  Wise virgins will experience the end of the exile.
  • Ezekiel 34: 1-10 Churches no longer allowed to meet. Possible fulfillment of V. 10?
  • v. 11-16ff God will gather His sheep and restore them to the mountains of Israel and feed them there Himself.
  • Ezekiel 37:21-28 God will gather and unite tribes and restore them to the Land
  • Jeremiah 50:4-5 We’re to ‘ask for the way to Zion’ and desire to please Yeshua and prepare for the marriage supper.
  • Biblical Zion is at the end of the exile when Messiah gathers and unites the 12 tribes, the redeemed house of Jacob, Luke 1:33

54:20 Interesting anecdotal testimony that Bible sales at all time high and even Walmart is sold out.

58:00 – 1:14:15 Eddie continues

  • Esther is a type of bride who prepared herself for a divine appointment
  • Eddie then gives testimony of Indian prophet/evangelist Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj who has prophesied many things accurately. One being Trump’s win months before election as well as some of the things he would do… ‘He will be a Cyrus..’
  • Sadhu prophesied on/about January 1, 2020, that God told him we have ‘one year to prepare for what is coming in 2021.’
  • Eddie then explained that the Torah is both history, a parable, and prophecy.
  • Generally, the belief is that the 10 plagues took one year to play out. (My note, I believe it was 70 weeks, much like Yeshua’s ministry may have been…  I just did the math, subtracted 70 weeks from March 27, 2021, projected date of Passover, and came to November 21, 2019. A quick search of internet indicate that the first verified case was probably contracted on November 17, 2019!!)
  • Eddie says to watch and note what else comes down the pike as well as how much time we are confined to our homes.  Israel, in Egypt, spent a lot of time in/around their homes once the plagues started.
  • Therefore, Eddie believe that next year around Passover may be the time/year of return.
  • A hint in Scripture, Genesis 12:17 the Lord struck Pharaoh and his house with great plagues until he thrust Sarai and Abraham out with great riches and sent them to the Land. We are in Egypt, in the house of pharaoh, waiting to be sent out.
  • He speculates, ‘Could it be that if you know and identify with Torah, celebrate Passover…. ” Could be 12 months of isolation repeating what Israel did in Egypt.
  • Corona means ‘crown.’ Revelation 6:2, the four horsemen… first horseman given a ‘crown’… (My note: the virus  may lead to globalization, unified currency, digital tracking, etc, etc…  Is this a peaceful ‘conquering and consolidation of the nations?’ Hmmm…)
  • Eddie took detour to discuss the sequence of events in the Trump presidency and how God seems to be in the middle of it.
  • Continued discussion of four horsemen of the apocalypse, the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations whose magazine is Foreign Affairs Magazine with a logo that is a white horse)
  • Speculates that if no solution to Coronavirus found soon, global unemployment may soar to depression levels leading to economic collapse… the Black Horse. (My note: He skips the Red Horse, war, however, it is very possible for that to happen in the middle due to global governments reaching for blame and distraction… Many prophecies that the US is violently attacked from both coasts, one example being the vision referred to in a minute.)
  • Bottom line, this is a very plausible scenario for the unfolding of four horsemen and sequence of events that leads to fulfillment of MUCH prophecy.
  • Eddie then talked through history of 1900s re: Spanish flu, WWI (he had these two events backwards), Depression, WWII, formation of UN and Israel.
  • Reiterated, events unfolding may lead to global ‘solution’/governance
  • At same time world goes bonkers in tribulation, God will be gathering and restoring the 12 tribes.
  • Separate the wheat from the chaff, multitudes are in the valley of decision
  • Prayer point, Psalm 91:5-7 ‘Terror by night, arrow by day, or pestilence… ‘ (My note: all are directly related to the four horsemen)
  • God protects in the midst of calamity. (My note: Remember Noah, Daniel, Jeremiah, etc…  None had particularly easy lots, but all came through GREAT devastation because they walked in obedience and listened to the Voice of Elohim!)

1:17:30 discussed prophetic vision of A.A. Allen in the 1950’s.

  • Two links to vision: and  I recommend reading and processing both.  Other relevant background testimonial info and explanation in each.
  • Eddie then explained the vision and how it may be of exactly what is happening right now.  Draws many connections.
  • He emphasizes the  HAPPY ENDING of the vision…  Restoration of Zion and the salvation of Yah’s people.

1:27:20 to end Prayer.  Eddie finished at 1:27:20, Call ends a few minutes later after more prayer.

My thoughts…

Supporting the dire nature of the situation:

Well worth consideration and holding with an open hand. I strongly recommend prayer and repentance as spiritual work right now.  It is very wise to plant a garden, even if small…  Yeshua started with five loaves and two fish… Do something for your own food security and for that of those around you.  While locked down, get very serious about getting in shape. (Yes, round is a shape, but that isn’t the one you want in the wilderness. No need to be chiseled, but can you walk three miles every day, six days a week?)

We have been doing all of these things, some for years…  We are adding a simple one: Praying to be shown the way to Zion! Jeremiah 6:19-19; 50:4-5  We are ready to go home.  The Father has been showing me a few things about this, I’ll share more as I gain understanding… Stay tuned!

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3 Responses to Coronavirus, Biblical Prophecy and a possible timeline… (Apocalypse now?)

  1. Paul Winkelman says:

    Shalom Pete Thanks for your input….very very interesting….watch and pray, keep your lamps full of OIL and your wicks trimmed…exciting times…may we be blessed with a Spirit of discernment in these days as there will be many deceivers out there to twist the Truth and mislead many…thanks again and blessings on you and your family

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  3. Chris Spangenberg says:

    First, let me preface that I did not get my information from you, for you are too low for YHVH to prophecy through you. (I am just echoing what was basically said near the beginning.) In reality, the scriptures describe prophecy coming from people of both low and high standing, both male and female. I suggest you reconsider your preamble. It is not pertinent to the main subject, it is scripturally misapplied and it will prevent cautious brethren from lending credance to the main article.


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