Is something worse than COVID-19 coming down the pike?

Normalcy bias will prevent most from even entertaining the following thoughts, but I remain compelled to write and  share a few thoughts about current events and possible eschatology scenarios…

A week or so ago, I wrote a longish post of transcribed notes from a prayer call on which Eddie Chumney guest taught. Interspersed in the note were some of my thoughts at the time.  In his talk he mentioned a ‘prophet’ named Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj.  At the time I was very dubious, as I automatically hold such persons and talk in suspicion.

Well, I have had time to listen to a number of his YouTube videos. And, while I still  very much recommend holding him with an open hand (i.e., trust in God and verify with Scripture), I am finding his message to be very compelling and glory is directed at the Living One.  The average person may dismiss him for one of several reasons…  – He is not a ‘western’ Christian, -some of his English is a little choppy, – he is not completely Hebraic in some of his statements, etc.  Essentially, he is easily dismissed because ‘the book is judged by the cover’ or because he doesn’t fit preconceived notions. This may be a mistake…

It seems that he has a history or recent prophecies that have been fulfilled and he has been targeting end times events.  Sadhu confirms Eddie’s postulation that we are in a year of preparation and need to understand that God is giving us a divine window of time through these lockdowns and isolations to prepare spiritually, mentally and physically for what is coming on the earth next year.

Now, he may be right, he may not be.  This remains to be seen, however, his warning to prepare and get right with the Father is worthy of special attention.  Failure to do so, if he is right, will be devastating for each of us and our families.  If he is wrong, there is no harm in having invested time and energy in spiritual, mental and physical preparation.

Some time go, I wrote a post regarding preparation and the information hold today, being even more critical.  Personally, this window has been a special time for our family to get really focused spiritually with daily devotion and prayer time. We have doubled down on our garden and food production on property.  And, our daily physical workouts have been more intense…  My suspicion is that normalcy bias is causing  most families to sit on the couch and surf the internet or scroll social media and do nothing while we are in this lockdown. DO. NOT. BE. ONE. OF. THEM. Use this time wisely!  It is a GIFT!

Minimally, it is very clear that the world is radically changing during this period and governments have been operating on over time to consolidate power and secure surveillance abilities.  Do not be surprised if the next thing that happens is all cell phones are monitored and all subjects are monitored.  This is already implemented in China and in Israel to determine who is safe to be around and who has been exposed by being close to others.  This is a very small step from here to chips and personal monitoring or even being locked out of the economic system.

Another very real possibility is economic collapse, either local, national or global. In that case, the same preparation is necessary….

IF, Sadhu is correct regarding something far worse than C-19 later this year, all of that preparation is necessary, however, that will also confirm that he is correct on 2021 and beyond… My  very serious recommendation is to bury yourself in studying the first Exodus, its relevance on the Second Exodus (see Ezekiel 20:33ff and Jeremiah 16:14-21 and surrounding context on both), and how critically important it is to be walking in the ways of God: Keeping Sabbath, keeping the Feasts of the Lord, eating Biblically clean, etc… I strongly recommend reading  Repairing the Breach to understand what God desires regarding our walk and  Ten Parts in the King regarding how, when and why God will restore His Kingdom and how that is connected to the return of the King.

Again, I am NOT making or endorsing a prediction, I AM saying, consider and hold this with an open hand, but get very serious about grappling with the very real possibility that things have already changed and will not return to “normal” any time soon.  If so, you need to take strong steps to prepare yourself and your family.  And, for the men out there: the buck stops with you!  You are the head of your house. God says it and He doesn’t give a rip about feminism, egalitarianism, or matriarchy.  Men, YOU are and will be held accountable for your family’s spiritual, mental and physical preparation for  whatever lies ahead. (More on this in the Restoring Kol Israel series on this blog and the the blog.)


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3 Responses to Is something worse than COVID-19 coming down the pike?

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  2. When I listen to these two men speaking English with a strong accent and the translator delivering it in his native tongue, it reminds me the verse in Matthew 24:14 – “And this good news about the Kingdom will be announced throughout the whole world as a witness to all the nations. It is then that the end will come.”


    • Pete Rambo says:

      What struck me was my own prejudicial assumption that the prophets of Revelation 11 would be English speaking Americans. Thus guy suddenly shattered that paradigm and I had to ask the Father for forgiveness.


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