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Two Brides, One Stone. A Teaching.

God clearly portrays Himself as having two brides in multiple passages of Scripture. Why? What is His purpose? Can we learn anything from the life of Jacob and history to understand prophecy and Yah’s self portrayal?

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Solving the White Horse of the Apocalypse…

Earlier today, I posted an amazing YouTube video of Eddie Chumney discussing Bible prophecy and current events.  It really is a ‘Must See!’  It is very detailed and incorporates a TON of Scripture. In the post, I mentioned that my … Continue reading

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Is something worse than COVID-19 coming down the pike?

Normalcy bias will prevent most from even entertaining the following thoughts, but I remain compelled to write and  share a few thoughts about current events and possible eschatology scenarios… A week or so ago, I wrote a longish post of … Continue reading

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Malachi 4:4 come to mind?

Over and over, Scripture connects survival in the latter days with obedience to Torah and humility.  God shows mercy to the obedient and grace to the humble. Seek the Lord , All you humble of the earth Who have carried … Continue reading

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The Messiah from Assyria??

Prophecy is almost always fulfilled in a very literal manner.  Just read the couple hundred messianic prophecies fulfilled by Yeshua and, though many are couched in idiomatic language, the clear literal nature is unavoidable.  Psalm 22 describes His execution in … Continue reading

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Surviving the End Times requires a three legged stool…

Has anyone noticed the crazy acceleration of events in the last few months?  Seriously!  If in the last few years the world looked like it was coming unglued, today, there can be no doubt.  Much like an engine over revving, … Continue reading

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The Search For Truth Takes Courage….

We witnessed courage in Luke and Kayte Abaffy’s very soon to be released documentary, The Way.  They stepped out with a Kickstarter campaign that has given them the resources they need to not only bring this film about the Messianic … Continue reading

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Countering the Mark of the Beast…

The ‘Mark of the Beast’ is a pretty common prophecy topic, but have you ever noticed that there are several ‘marks’ God puts on HIS people?  By those ‘marks’ can you KNOW that you are one of His? The mark … Continue reading

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Speaking of the End Times….

Have you ever noticed that at least five times in the Book of Revelation we are told that those who persevere have TWO marks?  Look it up!  (12:11; 17; 14:12; 15:3; 20:4) Got Torah? http://bible.com/100/rev.12.17.NASB

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Mikketz… More Study Notes for the Joseph Story…

I just posted Ray Gardner’s Study Notes for Genesis 41-44.  As soon as I receive Ephraim and Rimona’s Hebrew insights, I’ll post them as well.

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Jesus said, “Walk Like an Egyptian?”

It  was inevitable, really…  These last several weeks of studying the story of Joseph in Genesis and his being taken down to Egypt led to me finally having the Bangles, singing ‘Walk Like an Egyptian,‘ stuck in my head…  Gack! … Continue reading

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Jesus, Joseph and Prophecy!!

Perhaps the most incredible prophecies in Scripture are coded in the story of Joseph and his brothers.  I have written a couple pieces on the Joseph/Jesus connection, but here is an audio teaching from a personal favorite, Kimberly Rogers at … Continue reading

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Awesome, awesome interview! Messianic Rabbi!

This is an awesome, awesome interview!!  So much good material here from Messianic Rabbi Itzhak Shapira!  I just love this guy and his total passion for his people.  Even more so, as we see him speaking to non-Jewish believers of … Continue reading

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