Two Brides, One Stone. A Teaching.

God clearly portrays Himself as having two brides in multiple passages of Scripture. Why? What is His purpose? Can we learn anything from the life of Jacob and history to understand prophecy and Yah’s self portrayal?

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2 Responses to Two Brides, One Stone. A Teaching.

  1. The only issue with this is it’s a reflection of a broken kingdom, after the doings of Jereboam Son of Nebat. Admittedly, though, in this dispensation, the image is lawfully transferred to the marriage picture now -as imperfect as it is.


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Scripture clearly states that Yah viewed Israel as two brides at least 700 years before Jereboam while they were still in Egypt. Jereboam just exhibited the fullness of the animosity in the hearts of both brides.
      The Two Houses will never be a singularity, though Yah will bring them into UNITY. The problem, both in Jacob’s house and in Yah’s house, is not the marriage/family structure. The stucture simply reveals the hearts of all involved. Until both Israel and Judah deal with their own envy and jealousy, there will be no peace in Yah’s/Jacob’s house.
      The Tribulation is the crucible to force us to embrace and accept each other for who we are and our unique addition to Yah’s house.

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