Two Federalist Articles Calling for Men to Be Real Men

The Federalist website posts commentary on the news and politics of the day. Recently, they posted two pieces on the “masculinity crisis” and the large number of unmarried women voting against their own interests out of fear. Whether knowingly or not, both men are calling for the return of the patriarchy, marriage and the subsequent destruction of radical leftist feminist ideology.

The first article is written by Casey Chalk and titled “Men Need Restoration, Not Leftist Ridicule, To Fix Our Modern Masculinity Crisis“.

The second article is written by Christian Winter and titled “How Conservative Men Can Help Solve The GOP’s Single Women Problem“.

About Brian Somers

Teacher and elder for deaf Messianics/Hebrew Roots Christians as well as seeking Christians and Jews.
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1 Response to Two Federalist Articles Calling for Men to Be Real Men

  1. Pete Rambo says:

    Western civilization is collapsing precisely because it has rejected, or is trying to reject, masculinity and patriarchy. No civilization in history has survived such folly.

    We MUST labor intensely to restore the patriarchy here until the time of restoration for kol Israel. We must further learn the lesson and NOT import feminism or egalitarianism into kol Israel lest we suffer the same fate. Yah gave men and women each specific roles. One is to lead and the other is to support/follow. Period.


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