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Jerusalem for Passover, two pilgrims’ adventures….

One of the great joys of going up to Jerusalem for the feasts is to gather on the weekly Shabbats at Independence Park.  Some time back, it sort of became an unwritten date on every ephramite’s calendar: 2pm at Independence … Continue reading

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Curious about Hanukkah?

Here is a terrific video by 119 Ministries that gives a fair and balanced approach to Hanukkah.  I would encourage all who are curious (or just need a good excuse to eat a dozen jelly filled donuts) to take a … Continue reading

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Happy Rosh Chodesh (New Moon)

I had a really short conversation today with someone about Rosh Chodesh (‘ch’ pronounced as a ‘k’ like in Bach), the new moon festival.  Later, I thought it would be a good idea to post a brief overview for the … Continue reading

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Passover: Why Christians Should Celebrate it.

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Sunday School, P.10 Moedim & Who is the Redeemer?

This week was number 10 in the series. We opened with a few thought provoking Scriptures concerning Yehovah’s appointed times.  His Calendar.  Much more could be said, but the idea was simply to get our class thinking about Passover, a … Continue reading

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Wow!! What a week! Sukkot2013…

I slept in this morning…  sure needed it! The last three months have been at least partly consumed with getting ready to host Sukkot.  The Father’s hand was clearly involved all the way through, but I often found myself worrying … Continue reading

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Will the REAL Calendar Please Stand Up?

Wow!! Great post!! SO agree. Drives me a little crazy when peeps get hung up on the minutia instead of learning the basics and letting others grow at their own pace. Good message that needs a broad audience! via Will … Continue reading

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