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How RtB changed a man’s life and marriage

The tension between them was visible and he was clearly not comfortable.  My wife and I sat to the left of them for dinner on the first evening of the Second B’ney Yosef North America Summit in Mesa AZ.  His … Continue reading

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Hermeneutics: How to Break the Law

I was pondering a little Christian theological conundrum this morning. Every seminary student is taught sometime early in his Masters program how to interpret Scripture according to the rules of hermeneutics. [As an aside, my son is over my shoulder … Continue reading

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Book Review: Christianity Reconsidered

Perhaps, the very best book I have read in a long time is Warren Bowles’ Christianity Reconsidered.  As a ‘recovering pastor,’ I can completely relate to Warren’s journey from the pulpit to Truth! In Christianity Reconsidered,  Warren not only relates … Continue reading

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