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Hermeneutics and Theological Cockelburs

Not long ago, an old friend from seminary visited.  Unlike most friends in ministry who jettisoned us after we began this Messianic journey, they have remained close, though we rarely have a Scriptural discussion of real substance.  This visit was … Continue reading

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Puzzling Theology

I love jigsaw puzzles.  There is something both compelling and satisfying in assembling the pieces of a puzzle and watching a picture slowly emerge. A few days ago a co-worker brought a puzzle to work and many in the office … Continue reading

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Farmers, skinny cows and dream interpretation

This week at Sukkot, Frank Houtz taught a series that included a segment about dream interpretation in Scripture.  One particular part tickled me….  (and, is a great lesson in hermeneutics.) Generally, Christendom defends eating whatever they want, clean or unclean, … Continue reading

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Hermeneutics: How to Break the Law

I was pondering a little Christian theological conundrum this morning. Every seminary student is taught sometime early in his Masters program how to interpret Scripture according to the rules of hermeneutics. [As an aside, my son is over my shoulder … Continue reading

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