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Blog Talk Radio last night w Pastor Dowell

In case you missed it, I was invited to be on blog talk radio last night with Pastor Dowell and the StraitWay family. What a blessing to fellowship this weekend with these brothers of Israel. The broadcast was entirely unscripted … Continue reading

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Torah Portion: Yitro (Exodus 18:1-20:26)

This week’s portion is an interesting mix of headship, protocol, elders, deacons and exposing false western definitions. Download our free Torah Portion commentary here!

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Remnant Road hosted excellent conversation with Hebraic Native American leaders. Must listen!!

Recently, we have been considering boundaries and dishonor as we build toward an understanding of the role of protocol in removing shame and restoring honor.  The reason for pursuing this topic is it’s relation to recognizing the sins of our … Continue reading

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Sitting Bull, Wounded Knee and great dishonor… Protocol part 2

Decades of broken promises, stolen land and injustices culminated in the late 1880’s.  Bison herds, a staple of Lakota survival, had been hunted to near extinction and the government refused to prevent poachers from entering Lakota lands to kill the … Continue reading

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I’m still here… an update.

My sincerest apologies for not having written more in the last couple weeks.  The combination of having a too full plate, work and travel as well as just plain ‘hitting a wall’ has had me on a bit of a … Continue reading

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Recapping the BYNA Summit, 2017 (Updated with order info)

I really have no idea how or where to begin.  Not having written, or having had the time to write in the last couple weeks, I can tell you that I am ‘full.’  The Days leading up to the Summit … Continue reading

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