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New Infographic, Stations of a Woman

Several versions of a new infographic have been added to the Infographics page. Here is one version to share and be familiar with… Lots of Biblical truth on one page…

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Reading my emails… the Polygyny Awakening

It happens often, too often, to be mere happenstance. Yah is doing something amazing and I’m just excited to be a simple instrument that bears the striking resemblance of a lightning rod. Each week or two, someone reaches out to … Continue reading

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Torah Portion: Yitro (Exodus 18:1-20:26)

This week’s portion is an interesting mix of headship, protocol, elders, deacons and exposing false western definitions. Download our free Torah Portion commentary here!

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Traditional Marriage – Be careful what you ask for….

The most recent issue of Patriarchs’ Journal (V. 3 Issue 21) has a very thought provoking article by attorney Rick Knuth titled, “So Which ‘Traditional Marriage’ Do People Want To Save?’ “Until the passage of Married Women’s Acts in 1898, … Continue reading

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