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God won’t help you defend your false doctrine!!

Christendom committing Hara-Kiri over the Respect for Marriage Act is well deserved. The culture war is reaching fever pitch! Even in secular outlets, there is heated discussion about masculinity, feminism, patriarchy, #redpill, #MGTOW, and a thousand related topics. Everyone agrees … Continue reading

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‘It’s Good To Be A Man’ has a great weekly email…

The weekly email from the It’s Good to be a Man blog challenging and encouraging men is a terrific piece to get each Shabbat morning. I highly recommend it for my male readers. Ladies, it is worth your time as … Continue reading

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Why defend patriarchy?

A couple of good posts came up in my Instagram feed today. Among others, I follow several posters and hashtags related to Biblical roles, family structure, masculinity, femininity, and patriarchy. Truly, that is the ‘new rebel.’ The post at left … Continue reading

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Men: Lone wolf or Gang leader?

What is your purpose and how are you accomplishing it? Here’s a post, Men Need A Gang, that will give you some resources and challenging material to help you accomplish more for the Kingdom. If you are functioning as a … Continue reading

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