Inaugural Torah School for the Nations

A group of us from the house drove to Ma’ale Adumim to participate in Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler’s inaugural Torah School for the Nations.  We were welcomed warmly by a predominantly English speaking synagogue that seemed very excited to host us.

The room was abuzz as roughly 45 Torah keeping non-Jews of various stripes (mostly Hebrew roots, though I believe a couple gerim and Noahides) came in and immediately began conversing excitedly.  Friendships were renewed by many who were coming from different Continue reading

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Shabbat in Jerusalem

After a very late night, last night, we began our morning slowly… after most had drifted out of beds and into the common area, we shared a

breakfast of boiled eggs, matzah, cheese, olives and charoset. We then decided to take a walk around the neighborhood.

Greg, Silas and I were armed with cameras while Pieter had his bird watching binoculars and guide for Israeli birds. I took many pics of flowers and a few butterflies as we walked a large part of the moshav.

Continue reading

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A Passover surprise!

As my longtime readers may recall, we stayed in this house for Sukkot 2016 and were invited into the sukkah of our host’s father for the first day of Sukkot.  Later in the week we were invited into the moshav’s synagogue for Simchat Torah as well as back for the evening dance.  It was easily one of the highlights of that stay in Jerusalem.

Well, Tzemach outdid himself!  While I had asked in advance if we might be able to attend synagogue one of the Shabbat while we are here, but he went the extra mile.  Two evenings ago he bounded up the stairs and announced that he wanted us to attend the Erev Shabbat prayers at his synagogue and then, big news, walk to his father’s house to observe them for the first part of their Pesach dinner. We were almost speechless.

We all dressed and waited in anticipation of this special invitation.  Several others, already on our guest list, came from Jerusalem.  While we waited we sang multiple songs, common at the beginning of Shabbat.  After we finished singing, David ben Aharon, Tzemach’s father came up the steps to the balcony.  I saw him and immediately stepped outside where he greeted me with a kiss on both cheeks.  What a sweet spirited and gentle 85 year old man. Continue reading

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Shalom from Jerusalem.

Passover preparations are complete….

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Pesach Preparation in Jerusalem

Last year at this time we said, “Next year in Jerusalem!!”  Well, here we are!

Through the week have discussed Pesach and preparation as well as have shopped for the food for tonight’s celebration, but the full reality of it hit when early this morning we started cleaning and trying to eat the couple loaves of bread we had left over from the week…  This Passover is special because, not only are we in Jerusalem, but also because we will celebrate with non-Jewish Torah keepers from a number of different countries.  Our table will have German, Dutch, Swiss, and American participants.

Dorothe of Germany made our charoset while Rosa and Victor, Russian immigrants to Germany, prepared the meat.  Kim and Debbie of the US pitched in on vegetables with Continue reading

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Our first couple days in Israel….

Technically, we’ve been here for more than a week, but the Congress ended Tuesday and we only really began seeing sights and visiting people in the last couple days.  As with every visit, time passes too fast and traffic moves too slow…

Tuesday, after we left the Eshel Hashomron and the Congress behind, we took a quick trip to Shiloh to tour the site where the Tabernacle stood for 369 years.  The movie they have on the wrap around screen was as cool this time as the last time Kelly and I saw it.  This was the first visit for Joseph and Silas who are traveling with us. Continue reading

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Cletus goes to Congress (and other fun details…)

The 3rd Bney Yosef Congress had at least one new participant.  I had heard rumors that he might show up, but I was not prepared for Cletus’ grand entry, snatching the microphone for a monologue…  And, he did it more than once!! Video to follow….

Among the seriousness of business, prayer and worship, the Congress was just plain fun!!  There were many moments, a few of which were hysterical. Following are a few pieces that will give you a flavor for the fun side of this group that gathered from all across Europe, North America and Israel.

As with any gathering of Ephramites, food and red wine are a requirement….  This was no different. Continue reading

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An AMAZING 3rd Bney Yosef Congress!!

I have no idea where to begin!!  So much could have been written soon, however the internet service at the Eshel Hashomron was overtaxed and spotty.  Honestly, that is my only complaint about a terrific hotel in the Shomron that I have come to love and call a second home.

Since getting here to Tzemach’s and renewing old friendships, I have been able to go back to the several posts I put up from the Eshel and add or update the videos that previously would not load.  You will want to go back and take a gander!

The Congress itself was amazing and I want to share a few stories and incredible moments.  Be sure to scroll through and see the many pics and videos.

All presentations were very good with several exceptional highlights.  Dr. John Conrad was the first presenter on Shabbat morning from Parasha Tzav with a fascinating teaching Continue reading

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Shabbat Shalom from Israel!!

The 3rd B’ney Yosef Congress is underway! Began with a wonderful erev Shabbat dinner followed by worship and dance. So good to reconnect with family from across the globe and meet new people, awakened to the their identity as Ephraim.

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Priceless blessings!!

Late Shabbat afternoon, friend and gifted worship leader, James Block and his wife Leez strolled into the lobby to visit with many friends here. He and Solomon Lopez, Congress music leader, have known each other and conversed for five or six years.

Long story short, James was prevailed upon to lead worship this evening.

Earlier, my youngest son, Silas, who played drums with the worship team at the last Congress was asked where his drums were. Well, a miscommunication caused us not to bring his kit this time. So, Solomon scrambled and found some buckets and a couple spoons.

The priceless blessing was an AMAZING time of worship that unfolded with Solomon and James leading in playing songs both wanted to play with the other. And, Silas backed them up on his makeshift drums! Kelly and I were blessed as parents and by this amazing worship.

Here is a tiny taste through a couple short clips…

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A prayer journey…

Recall that a couple weeks ago I posted a reblog about Greater Israel, the HUGE territory prophesied to be given to the sons of Israel. Well, today, I joined about 45 mostly non-Jews who understand the volume of prophesies regarding the return of the house of Israel/Ephraim and we went on an 8 hour trek by bus up the eastern border of Israel. We stopped at strategic overlooks and locations to read Scripture, pray and sound the shofar. We spoke to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon proclaiming Who that land belongs to and speaking the return of His sons and daughters from the far islands.

Abba is doing something amazing in our day! Prophecy is literally unfolding before our eyes.We have only to see and take hold!

Here are a few pictures from the day….

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Checked in..

Parts of the trip were quite eventful… like the worst turbulence I have experienced in 20 year over the north Atlantic and a 45 minute change of plane and concourse, no, airport practically, in Madrid.

And, I couldn’t get maps to work after we were the last rental car customer and they pushed us out the door…. we made all the right decisions to get here based on memory from driving in the Land 18 months ago! Praise Abba!

Here’s a pic of us in front of the giant mezuzah just before customs….

So, off to bed for a few hours sleep before meeting the crew in the morning for a prayer adventure.

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Mercy!! (For travels…)

Flying to Israel tonight/tomorrow. Have had most details worked out for a long time, then, due to snow in New York, my phone started to blow up with flight cancellations, panicked fellow travelers, etc!!

Spent hours on the phone, squeezed onto other flights with changed routes and a couple VERY short layovers.

We are excited! Updates and posts in the coming days as we participate in the 3rd B’ney Yosef Congress as well as hosting Pesach for a very international Ephramite group.

How exciting!!

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Speaking of “Greater Israel”….

Just yesterday, I posted a bit about Greater Israel and the explosiveness of hte topic.  well, imagine my surprise when I received the following news analysis and prayer points email today that delves into the very topic!!  And, it all ties in very closely to a prayer tour regarding the Land that we are taking during our upcoming trip to Israel.  Fascinating synchronicity!

greaterisrael5Abba is up to something MAJOR in our days and potentially in the next few months!  Please read all of the following:

Israel Headline News, Analysis, and Prayer Targets ~ 3.8.18
Prepared for Bney Yosef North America

Scripture Focus:
Before she travailed, she brought forth; before her pain came, she was delivered of a man child. Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? For shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children. Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the LORD: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? saith thy God. Isaiah 66:7-9 Continue reading

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The Moving Cloud and Difficult Truth


Numbers 9:15-23 explains in detail the travel habits of the Children of Israel in the wilderness.  The abbreviated version is that they followed the Pillar of Cloud.  When the Cloud moved, they moved.  When the Cloud stood still, they camped.

Some camp locations were mere days long. Others, like Kadesh Barnea, were lengthy, up to 19 years.

Imagine having lived in a location for a year or two and the cloud suddenly moved.  You would have had to make the decision to move or to stay.  While most moved, I am sure that there were those who, at every move, decided to stay put.  Kadesh must have been the hardest!  Houses had been built, stables had been fortified and even orchards planted and harvested from.  Then, boom!, time to move.

This Hebrew roots/Messianic walk is much like that journey through the wilderness.  We’ve been pulled out of Egypt in a glorious but difficult awakening, Continue reading

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