The Real Feminist Agenda: Emasculation, Total Control

“Oh lord!… <eye roll> … Pete’s at is again… <sigh>… <scrolling to more pleasant topics….>”

I know what you think. Most of my audience left a long time ago because TikTok and American Idol don’t require you to think and generally do not impose on your social media induced brain fog… But, I’ll continue to speak to the warriors that see what is happening and are standing in the gap for kol Israel and all of humanity.

Feminism and those who promote or make excuses for it, are a blight upon the earth. Ultimately, they are the self-righteous destroyers of humanity that Elohim is coming to judge.

Here’s a great video demonstrating where this feminist train is heading. Men, you have only one choice if you wish to keep your ____s! ~ Start being the men you are called to be.

The progressive agenda of emasculation began long ago with ‘no fault divorce,’ not unlike one of the root causes of the collapse of the Roman Empire. Durant mentions this in his assessment of Rome’s downfall…

God has a specific authority structure, consistent all the way through Scripture. Regardless of how many Hebrew roots, Messianic, or Christian teachers chirp against it, God’s Word is STILL Truth!

Instead of getting on my soapbox and going on a rant, I challenge those who are paying attention to get louder. Judgment is coming and blood will be on our hands if we do not cry out!!

Fearlessness must be the mark of the truth we speak.

Share, speak out, etc.

If you think you can save yourself by cowering, you do not understand how YHVH works… Prime example, Jeremiah (See chapter 1, esp. 17-19)! He was preserved precisely because he spoke up in the face of persecution. He feared YHVH more than he feared men or what they could do to him.

Men, women, cease with this fear of what man thinks! What can he do? Laugh? Mock? worst case, ‘cancel’ figurative or literally? NONE of that compares to what YHVH can do to you!! Nor, does their ‘price’ compare to the great reward from our KING for taking a bold and righteous stand!

Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.

1 Cor. 16:13 (KJV)

Just saw this… adding it as it’s related to the destruction of western civilization by the same feminized spirit…

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Woman : Sacrifice : Fire (They are related…)

The Hebrew words for ‘fire,’ ‘burnt-offering,’ and ‘woman’ are identical in the original unpointed Hebrew text. Even with vowel pointing, it takes a sharp eye to distinguish between the three. Is there a connection implied? Quite possibly.

Strong’s #EnglishHebrewPronunciationOccurrences
H801burnt offeringאִשֶּׁהishshah65

These unpointed words are actually so close that most Bible translations errantly use ‘woman’ in Zechariah 5:7, where ‘fire’ – as in ‘nuclear’- makes much more sense. Credit for insight goes to Michael Rood, but I digress.

Is there a more important reason to consider the closeness of these words and possible insight into God’s authority structure? Consider these unrefined/not yet developed thoughts…

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Community: How and Why to Build it!

We are beginning a new video series dealing with ‘community.’ We’ll be exploring the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ to build it.

During and since publishing a Torah commentary, Authority, Headship, and Family Structure (According to Moses), I have been blessed to be surrounded by an increasing wealth of solid, Godly men who share vision for the restoration of kol Israel and walking/living Torah in community. We continually discuss and put into practice the things we are learning as we rear young men, shepherd our families, and intentionally build a community.

Further, the Father has allowed us to connect with multiple men around the country who are likeminded and moving intentionally toward community, Biblical masculinity, Biblical families, etc. Many of these men have been well prepared by the Father with skillsets, life experiences, and deep study.

The Torah is God’s instructions for how a patriarchal, tribal family is to interact and function. It clearly teaches, as demonstrated in the aforementioned commentary, how men are to interact, how a family is structured, what the authority structure is and how it functions, as well as how larger family units (clans and tribes) are to function and be led. The restoration of kol Israel demands that we learn and implement these things. As I have often (and loudly) said, Israel is NOT a nation in the Western Greco-Roman model, nor will it be restored as such! We are a patriarchal, tribal people and we need to be intentionally moving toward that model.

But, HOW?

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Stifling the TRUTH (Free thinkers NOT allowed…)

Spineless cowards or complicit agents of the adversary…. They exist in every field, today, including theology.

In a terrific American Thinker article titled ‘In the Sway of the Narrative,’ the point is demonstrated that free and critical thinking is no longer tolerated by the establishment. Those in power/control like the echo chamber that promotes their ideals and they actively cancel any contrary or dissenting opinion no matter how well researched or presented. In truth, they have a clear agenda that demands total submission to whatever their position or opinion is, regardless of facts.

While this is most evident in science, particularly as it applies to the current shots and man-made viruses, it is evident in every other area of society. We see School Boards reject any questioning of their acquiescence to race theory, rejection of any data or research contrary to global warming, vilification of any messenger that speaks truth to power.

Most Hebrew roots/Messianic believers have experienced or been on the receiving end of this sort of vilification. Truth will not be tolerated by the establishment, therefore they are forced out of the arena to join men such as John the Baptist and Elijah in the wilderness. Funny how we know their names, but the contemporary persecutors we know not!

Last fall, I wrote about the presence, within Messianic and Hebrew roots circles, of this same spirit of deception that the adversary used to remove many of us from contemporary Christian worship. Shunning and cancel culture is as old a Noach… at least!! Truth, however, will always endure, though the messenger be killed!!

It is the adversary who must resort to deception, cancelling, forcibly silencing, and shunning. He, and his minions, cannot stand in the face of Truth! Truth stands tall and stands through the midst of the persecution! Those caught on the wrong side of truth as the ones who will be the big losers!

Today, we live in an age of deception, and in our circles, sometimes the deceivers come as ‘angels of light.’ Beware the teachers that teach contrary to God’s clear and unchanging Word! They speak with forked tongue and gather to themselves well tickled ears while actively deleting and cancelling any Truth speaker that contradicts their self-serving narrative.

Seek the whole counsel of God’s Word!!

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Addressing ‘teachers’ who dishonor the Patriarchs….

The series continues with another dose of truth. Those who desire truth more than tradition will pay close attention.

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Podcast and YouTube channel update!!

Recordings continue to be added to my podcast and videos to my YouTube channel. Here are a few details…

The Podcast

To this point, I have been recording my books into the podcast so those who drive or listen to podcasts can enjoy them. All of Repairing the Breach and Ten Parts in the King are now available for free download as audio segments. Authority, Headship, and Family Structure is being recorded in segments with me adding two new episodes, this morning. Add podcast to your favorite platform and then listen to each book by ‘season.’

  • Season 1 is Repairing the Breach
  • Season 2 is Ten Parts in the King
  • Season 3 is Authority, Headship, and Family Structure

Once I finish AH&FS, I plan to offer discussion and interview type podcasts on a variety of topics related to all three books.

The YouTube channel

My YouTube channel has been somewhat dormant for an extended period of time. Older material includes teaching from the Torah, pithy short Scripture thoughts, and family/farm/work things. Recent activity has been related to several very important topics necessary for the restoration of kol Israel. Namely, headship, patriarchy, marriage structure, etc… I have addressed several erroneous Torah teachers regarding the adversary’s lies of ‘mutual submission’ and ‘monogamy-only.’ There is much more coming in these very important topics as well as others.

I encourage you, even if challenged, to wrestle with me through the truth of what Scripture says, regardless of pagan Christianity’s incessant falsehood of ‘traditional marriage.’

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Who ‘troubles Israel?’

¶When Ahab saw Elijah, Ahab said to him, “Is this you, you troubler of Israel?” He said, “I have not troubled Israel, but you and your father’s house (have), because you have forsaken the commandments of the LORD and you have followed the Baals.

I Kings 18:17-18

Does pointing to the Torah and Truth ‘trouble Israel,’ or expose the troublers of Israel?

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The ‘David Wilber’ series continues…

Christian ‘cancel culture’ has been going on for millennia. Praise Yah men of old were willing to brave the torch and sword for the sake of Truth and our Patriarchs.

Here is the next video in a series exposing Christian falsehood and some who teach it. We MUST be willing to follow Truth, wherever it leads.

Here’s the complete playlist for the latest…

Authority, Headship, and Family Structure; Responding to David Wilber and JK McKee:

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Further response to Wilber’s ‘Mutual Submission’ fallacy…

Truth is not always easy, but it is far better than the comforts of false doctrines and fawning fans…

Watch, share, subscribe.

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Wilber and McKee’s ‘mutual submission’ fallacy exposed.. Pt.A

The first of a two part response within a larger video series…

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James Block released a NEW ALBUM!!

Announced earlier today, James Block has a new album!! Listening now and LOVE it… (Yes, he is one of my favoritest 😉 worship leaders and song writers…)

Buy and download now to support this dear brother and wife in Israel!

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Interesting quote from TDNT

I’m doing some background reading and found an interesting quote in The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (Ed. Kittel, Friedrich, 1974, vol. IX, p. 442) demonstrating yet another pagan practice the Church ‘Fathers’ incorporated in their justification for monogamy-only, namely widows refraining from remarriage “as a sacrifice for the dead husband.” See image below.

In fact, monogamy-only was a Greco-Roman practice that came straight out of their pagan system of worship as I will demonstrate in a soon coming video. The Church Fathers incorporated this pagan practice just like they incorporated Christmas, Easter, Sunday, and unclean foods, into their adulteration of Torah.

Tertullian, in the above image, is the guilty party, but nearly all of the Church Fathers need to be exposed for this error in addition to the more common (and, less triggering) Feasts, Shabbat and Kosher. But, because TRADITIONAL marriage is a more sacred cow than even Sunday or Christmas, Christian and Messianic preachers and teachers fear the estrogen mafia more than the Living Elohim!! Don’t count on the ‘big names’ to tell you the truth as they have egos to be stroked and fawning masses to keep pacified.

Dare to research the depths of marriage tradition and custom within Christendom. What does Scripture actually say?


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Rebuttal to Wilber and McKee, full intro

Multiple videos in the works, details in this Intro as I rebut the numerous errors and fallacies in David Wilber’s Controversy Corner interview with JK McKee.

Discuss, share, etc..


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Update: Responding to David Wilber and JK McKee

Friday morning, several of my readers alerted me that I was the subject of David Wilber’s newest ‘Controversy Corner’ video with JK McKee as special guest. Quite honestly, my immediate reaction was a bit of anxiety because I’ve been the ‘subject’ of more than a couple well-meaning Bible teachers and leaders. At the same time, I took a deep breath knowing that I stand on solid ground.

I watched the video (bottom of page) and began taking notes. It wasn’t long before I realized that this will take much more than a post or two to expose and unravel. Quite frankly, the number of errors was stunning. For the sake of TRUTH and intellectual honesty, as well as the honor of my King, I will be responding in detail via videos on my YouTube channel that will be put in a playlist and posted on this blog. Additional material and video from other responders will be posted on, a blog dedicated to headship, patriarchy, and the restoration of the Biblical family as the foundation of kol Israel.

Here’s the first installment of responses to Wilber and McKee:

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Life verse and serendipity…

Most who are around me know that my life verse and guiding wisdom is,

Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins;
You will raise up the age-old foundations;
And you will be called the repairer of the breach,
The restorer of the paths in which to dwell.

Isaiah 58:12

I almost always add that reference to my book signings, particularly my first book as the title, Repairing the Breach, comes directly from the verse.

Well, yesterday, through an odd set of circumstances that can only be described as Providence, I wound up in a rollicking conversation with and Israeli-American observant Jew. While most was in English, my faux pas began the conversation in Spanish and we moved quickly to Hebrew. Ultimately, we had an exceptionally warm conversation about the lost tribes, the Mashiach, and our respective viewpoints of eschatology.

In short, delightfully exhilarating.

I offered a copy of Ten Parts in the King, something I had been prompted to put in my bag that morning, and he welcomed it on the condition that I sign and give him my telephone number.

In my excitement, I had a brain cramp while signing and wrote the wrong Isaiah reference, 52:12, but immediately caught the error and easily altered the formerly written ‘2’ into an ‘8.’ But curiosity being one of my character traits, before I even left the conversation, I flipped open my phone to see what the errant passage was and what international incident was averted.

Imagine my surprise after our discussion on the tribes and eschatological expectations of return when I read,

But you will not go out in haste,
Nor will you go as fugitives;
For the Lord will go before you,
And the God of Israel will be your rear guard.

Isaiah 52:12

I read the whole chapter and then had Ted Pearce ringing in my head until I satisfied the ‘voice’ singing ‘Awake!’, taken from Isaiah 52.


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