Torah Portion Series: Nitzavim/Vayelech (Deu. 29:10-31:30)

A double portion this week with final instructions to kol Israel! These last several portions teach us about the nations as the clans and tribes are functioning together.

And, the whole study is now polished and bound into a book with more than 100 extra pages of material. Kindle and paperback versions of this 437 page study are available for less than the cost of downloading and printing these studies!!

Go to:

May Yah bless you!!

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Coming VERY soon!!

Israel cannot be restored unless God’s Creation Order is restored and implemented. This is a bold statement, however the Torah only functions properly when exercised within the God given authority structure.

Divided into a Torah Cycle study, this book focuses on what God has to say regarding authority, headship, and family structure. Further, it makes many connections with the rest of Scripture and the whole picture of God’s Word. More that 430 pages with an abundance of appendices and extra material to chew on, sure to start some excellent discussion!

Details will follow!

For kol Israel and the glory of the Messiah!

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Torah Portion Series: Ki Tavo (Deuteronomy 26:1-29:9)

Would God really enact curses? Indeed, He is quite serious about His commands, including those concerning authority, headship, and family structure. This week’s study is fairly short, but much to ponder in our response to His grave warning.

Free downloadable commentary at Torah Portion Series page.

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Torah Portion Series: Ki Tetze (Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19)

God LOVES women and cares for them in so many ways through His Torah. This portion is loaded with instructions that protect women, particularly when they are most vulnerable. God’s solution in a number of cases is surprising and runs counter to accepted western and denominational thinking…

Come along on this portion and explore the challenges from war brides and divorce, to levirate marriage and the Apostle Paul!! Our free portion is available on the Torah Portion Series page.

Shabbat shalom!!

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Torah Portion: Shoftim (Deuteronomy 16:19-21:9)

What was really Solomon’s sin? It may not be what you’ve been taught.. Also, why does the adversary hate men and masculinity? And, does God ever regulate a sin?

Numerous interesting points to discuss in this week’s portion as it relates to patriarchy, marriage, and God’s created order. Enjoy the free download on our Torah Portion Series page.

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Why defend patriarchy?

A couple of good posts came up in my Instagram feed today. Among others, I follow several posters and hashtags related to Biblical roles, family structure, masculinity, femininity, and patriarchy. Truly, that is the ‘new rebel.’

The post at left was great bubblegum for the brain, but the next one, on the right, is what really got me going…

“Because I said so!” ~God

Truly, humanity has a propensity for trying to negotiate with the Almighty. We have a tendency to try to make God in our image, then tell Him how we will worship, serve, etc… on our terms, how we like it.

The truth is, He sets the rules and, whether we like it or not, whether we agree or not, His Word still stands.

His Word is decidedly patriarchal. Nothing in Scripture ever overturns that. It simply doesn’t matter how much Christendom, feminism, complimentarians, matriarchs, etc, kick against the goads, God is still patriarchal! I don’t have to defend it.

And, this same attitude is true of everything else He has said regarding Sabbath, feasts, food, tzitziot, and marriage. If His Word says it, then you wrestle not with me, but with the Almighty Himself.

Jacob would advise that wrestling with Him is fine (Gen. 32:25), but know that your walk will be changed, or you will die. Take your pick.

Truth is truth. I need not defend it, but I will expose it and bid you draw near.

Explore this site and for a boatload of truth that may shake the earth under your feet, but what is left will be solid rock!


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Vaccines, GMO food, and the destruction of humanity…

A few days ago, Rob Skiba uploaded this very interesting video regarding his ongoing research into nephilim. I do not follow that closely because of lack of time and focus elsewhere, but something drew me to watch this particular video and it has a few HUGE pieces of information worthy of your time.

I came away with two very important thoughts: 1) What is actually being put in the upcoming ‘mandatory’ vaccines that may alter DNA? and 2) Something I read elsewhere recently connected closely to the resources Skiba dug up on GMO food being used as a medium for genetic modification and gene splice insertion…

We live in very dangerous times as science is tinkering with the human genome for numerous nefarious reasons. It is very easy to see not only the return of the nephilim but also a complete, or nearly complete obliteration of humanity. Noah, having been ‘perfect in all his generations,’ was likely as survivor of a similar destruction of humanity about 4000 years ago. Nothing new under the sun!

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Torah Portion: Re’eh (Deuteronomy 11:26-16:17)

Do men really receive a greater judgment in some areas than women? What should men be doing in this age? And, how about women? Does Isaiah 2-4 support what we see in the Torah?

Israel will not be restored without the return of the patriarchy! See evidences of this in this this week’s portion, on our Torah Portion Series page.

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Men: Lone wolf or Gang leader?

What is your purpose and how are you accomplishing it?

Here’s a post, Men Need A Gang, that will give you some resources and challenging material to help you accomplish more for the Kingdom. If you are functioning as a lone wolf, you are likely not accomplishing much or leaving a legacy. But, why a gang leader??

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Torah Portion: Ekev (Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25)


This week’s portion has so much to say about how a marriage is to reflect God and His people. In fact, it shows us the proper lens to look through for all of Scripture with relationship to God and His people, as well as the proper relationship between a man and his woman.

Free to download or read online on our Torah Portion Series page.

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Torah Portion: Va’etchanan (Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11)

One of my favorite portions, Va’etchanan, has a very subtle but grave warning, particularly to men. The world around us is ripe for judgment and if it begins at the house of the Lord, then we, men especially, ought to be terrified. Most, however, are blissfully unaware of what will befall them as they race down the broad way…

Moshe reminds men of their responsibility even as he recounts the commands for Israel. Men, YOU are the primary responsible party in your house. Beware!!

Download or read online for free: Va’etchanan at Torah Portion Series page.

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Torah Portion: Devarim (Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22)

What does the Memra de Yeya have to do with patriarchy and God’s Authority structure? When Israel is restored, what will the government look like? Who will rule over each tribe? How will leaders be selected? All men? Some women? What is the relationship of the Angel of the Lord?

These thoughts and more explored in this week’s Torah commentary as we continue to consider the books of Moses through the lens of patriarchy and God’s ordained authority structure. Download for free on our Torah Portion Series page.

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Weekend Adventure in the Mountians!!

I just posted an article on 113Restoration with pics, thoughts, and light details on a weekend father-son adventure in a mountain wilderness area. Many readers here will want to check that out and ponder intentional man building!!

Boys do not become men in a vacuum. Culturally, the expectation is that boys become men by virtue of age or osmosis, however such is not the case. Manhood requires intentionality.


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Torah Portion: Matot & Massei (Numbers 30:1-36:13)

Another double portion with a HUGE offer for the first. Multiple glaring items dealing with headship, patriarchy, and the role of the man as covering as well as a section on the difficult topic of divorcees and widows. There is MUCH to think about n this double portion!

Download or read online, our free Torah Portion Commentary on our Torah Portion Series page.

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Why Poly? Why Now?

Originally Published Online by Peter G Rambo, Sr. on 7/1/2019

[I wrote and published the following paper about a year ago, but never posted directly to this blog. Because of recent inquiries and a few questions, I find it necessary to put this front and center for deeper consideration. A full Biblical defense of my position is available through the resources at the end of this paper and various articles and papers both mine and many other authors on my Biblical Marriage page. Shalom!]


It’s been more than a year since I wrote and published my position on a most controversial topic, one I had studied, reluctantly, for the four previous years. In fact, I really didn’t want to publish anything or go on record with a Biblical defense and evidence, but my hand was forced by twittering voices more interested in stirring pots than seeking truth.

The subject, Biblical polygamy, or more precisely, polygyny – a man having more than one wife – is indeed controversial, at least in traditional Western Christianity. Yet, inspite of the stigma and the controversy, the subject, even practice, is popping up all over and sneaking into the fabric and conversation of both Christian and Hebrew roots people across the planet.

The purpose of this article is not to present a Biblical case for or against. Frankly, an honest look at Scripture, particularly in the original languages, demonstrates that there is no case against it anywhere in Scripture. God never condemns it, but regulates and in cases requires polygyny. He endorses polygyny at points and refers to Himself on at least three occasions as having two brides. Honest exegesis leads to no reasonable conclusion against. The bibliography has multiple online papers and in print books clearly and articulately defending Biblical marriage.

Maybe, instead of knee-jerk condemnation, because the Biblical evidence for polygyny is rock solid, we would be better served to ask two questions: Why polygyny? Why now?

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