Individualism v Restoration of kol Israel

Does Western Individualism prevent or even work against the restoration of kol Israel?

This morning I popped open my email and found a pingback to a Σ Frame article titled Pandora’s Pendulum. The short article, originally published months ago, began,

One observant post, Is the Pendulum Effect caused by Western Individualism? (2020-10-9) described how the spirit of Western Individualism tempts people to separate themselves from the past and from tradition.  This results in a metaphysical oscillation of political, social, and fashion trends from one extreme to the other.  The pendulum effect is disruptive, spurious, and wasteful, thereby revealing Individualism to be an evil spiritual influence that upsets both the peace within the human soul and the shalom of a society.

The carnage and destruction caused by Individualism and the Pendulum Effect has gone on full display since the Dobbs v. Jackson decision on June 24,…

I had to dig a little more and read the context article linked in the quote and fireworks were exploding in my head.

Here are a few salient quotes from Is the Pendulum Effect caused by Western Individualism? followed by a few thoughts as this relates to the restoration of kol Israel.

Individualism is incompatible with traditional Christianity….

Brett Stevens wrote an excellent description of Individualism.

“Individualism states that the natural order is not important, and that the individual should come first before all else.  The whims, desires, judgments, feelings and impulses of the individual are more important than any other order, including civilization, nature, or the divine.  Individualism became the dogma of the West with The Enlightenment,™ the Renaissance,™ and the rise of egalitarian thought (ideologies dedicated to human equality, which means “no one can be sent away”) centuries ago.” [3]


The periodic oscillation of political, social, and fashion trends is an evil spiritual influence that upsets both the peace within the human soul and the shalom of a society.  The stronghold of this oscillation lies in the western focus on individuality – radical liberalism, egalitarianism, the glorification of the individual, the intense elevation and favor of special interest groups, and the self-perceived triumph of continual self-styled rebellion.

Repent ye therefore, from the witchcraft of Individualism.  Pray that your personal oscillation shall come to a standstill, so that your soul may find peace and rest.


Indeed, a major frustration within the ‘Messy-antic’ is the incessant divisions by so many who prefer to be defined by finest possible splitting of hairs than to simply walk at peace with others in the Family. We divide over calendar, definition of a day, two-house, second exodus, marriage instruction, etc… Every ministry wants to be their own little island and, in cases, even isolate from Israel. This division and separation is clearly of the enemy because it causes us to devolve into chaos.

Israel is a patriarchal tribal family!

Family sticks together.

It is important to note that Jack comments after his article that there is a big difference in individualism and individuality. Simply, individualism brings division while individuality adds flavor/texture to the whole.

Often in the Messianic, individuals will separate because ‘we don’t agree on that,’ or ‘that’s not what I believe.’ Instead of accepting halachic differences and walking together in peace, most find it easier to divide and assume moral superiority rather than ‘agreeing to disagree’ and committing to unity in the essentials.

The restoration of kol Israel demands that we set individualISM aside and walk at peace with our brothers. The chaos and devolution of individualism must be brought to an end. If we don’t end it, the Messiah WILL!

Here’s a related post from the way-back time machine.

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