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Vaccines, GMO food, and the destruction of humanity…

A few days ago, Rob Skiba uploaded this very interesting video regarding his ongoing research into nephilim. I do not follow that closely because of lack of time and focus elsewhere, but something drew me to watch this particular video … Continue reading

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Coronavirus and the Mark of the Beast

Brilliant, really… Use the fear of death to get people to give up freedoms and accept a ‘new normal’ control grid. I’ve long been a student of eschatology and prophecy. And, the New World Order was something I was researching … Continue reading

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BEWARE the Agenda!!

Educate yourself!!  The current narrative has a hidden agenda to get under your skin for their profit and your loss of health. Here is a REAL microbiologist telling the truth!! If the video ‘disappears,’ check https://altcensored.com/ because it likely will … Continue reading

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The warning bells get louder!! Prepare!

Yesterday, I stated that the world has already changed and will not return to ‘normal.’  Further, I warned that we need to prepare; spiritually, mentally, and physically.  Here is a  very serious video from a credible source. Pandora’s box has … Continue reading

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