Coronavirus and the Mark of the Beast

Brilliant, really… Use the fear of death to get people to give up freedoms and accept a ‘new normal’ control grid.

I’ve long been a student of eschatology and prophecy. And, the New World Order was something I was researching almost 30 years ago when President George H. W. Bush first used his ‘1000 points of light’ phrase on 9/11/1991, exactly ten years before the towers magically collapsed in their own footprint.

Indeed, George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, could not have been more prescient in its fictional account of a control grid, media altered history, and people turned into drones through fear. He was just a few decades too early in his prediction! But, I digress.

Those who study Scripture are not surprised at the events unfolding, though many are a bit paralyzed by normalcy bias and the hope or expectation, albeit false, that things will return to the way they were. But, we all need to wake up and smell the coffee. Time grows short, however, and intentional steps must be taken while we are able.

The internet is awash with speculation as to exactly how this will play out, and I don’t have firm answers, but I want to share a few pieces of information and some advice.

The Agenda

A couple days ago, a friend sent me an article that is well worth your time. ZeroHedge published a piece titled The Economic “Reopening” is a Fake Out! It is detailed, well researched and well thought out, and considering the source, the message should be heeded. The bottom line is that the re-openings are being carefully timed to temper the anger of the people while maximizing flareups of the virus in order to justify rolling lockdowns while a mandatory vaccine is being developed and deployed.

When the globalists at MIT say “We are not going back to normal”; this is what they mean. Right now, the general public (at least in some parts of the country) is cheering the reopenings, but what they don’t realize is that the reopenings are an illusion. Restrictions are going to remain in place in many states and cities, while they will be lifted and then re-instituted in others. In fact the situation is going to become much worse over time, by design.

Scripture warns of a coming beast system (Daniel, Revelation esp. 12-14, 18) that has complete control. Like many students of prophecy, I wondered how this would be forced on people. Now, I can see how people will long for and embrace it, not because of a real enemy, but a perceived enemy.

Several days ago, I shared one of the uncanny telegraphs that foretold not only of Coronavirus, but it weakness and its purpose. Literally, it even ‘disappears’ as a ‘non-threat’ in the strip only to come roaring back and defeat the nations while showing the might of Caesar… (You must find and read the whole comic book!!) Time will tell if that little device in the story-line portents a ‘second wave’ that is worse than the first…

What we do know is that there are some who prophesied this was coming and have further prophesied that right now is the time to be getting ready, because life may be about to get really hard. This prophecy lines up with what ZeroHedge now speculates: It isn’t going to get better, it is going to get worse!

See his channel for a number of related videos and words he has given in the last year…

Touch not the unclean thing…

My point is that this is no surprise to God, and the purpose of His allowance seems to be to drive us to a point of faith: Faith in vaccine/medicine/man OR, faith in Him and His Word.

Many, many sources are warning against getting a vaccine while the media is trumpeting the need for one. Research this and understand why?!!

…ask yourself why a public eugenicist Billionaire who has touted global DE-population wants to vaccinate you to ‘save your life.’

The short answer is that, while vaccines may have been somewhat safe in decades past, in the last 25 years or so, the contents of vaccines have become increasingly toxic with very, very bad results. More specifically, mercury, thimerisol, aborted fetal cells, tissue from unclean animals (mice and pigs to name a few) are being injected into humans. (I see NO warrant anywhere in Scripture for this invasion of the human body with the unclean.) Further, the research has been going on for a long time to use vaccines for genetic modification, thereby sterilizing people, altering brain function, disabling certain DNA strands, etc. This is a sin and tragedy of epic proportions. (Ever wonder why and how the Hollywood announced zombie apocalypse happens? This may be exactly how it happens…)

Go a step further and ask yourself why a public eugenicist Billionaire who has touted global DE-population wants to vaccinate you to ‘save your life.’ Besides the fact that he is HIGHLY vested in big pharma and the vaccine industry (yes, he will make a fortune on global misery), his companies have also long been researching and patenting technology related to nano-robots and sub-dermal marking. One of the newest patents is for an invisible-to-the-eye tatoo marker using a synthetic copy of a naturally occurring dye named Luciferase. (Nice name, right?)

So, putting some potential pieces together, the media whips the global population into a fear dripping frenzy over Coronavirus, a relatively weak flu, that the global power brokers use to destroy the economy, break the back of small business, and ‘relieve’ with a vaccine that is laden with nanobots and marker.

The next step is pretty simple. Keep the fear going so that anyone who does not get the vaccine will be forced out of the economy. No buying or selling because you may ‘infect’ someone. Therefore, you must take the mark, or get out.

To fully implement this though, the powers that be need a second wave that is worse than the first. They’ll offer morsels of freedom, but in the end they will only use those as pressure relief valves while the grid, 5G enabled, will be tightened into a total control and surveillance grid.

How should we respond?

Fear is NOT the response or answer. Fear is of the Adversary, and he is a LIAR.

First, accept that we may be at that point in time that Scripture describes as the beginning of sorrows. Accept that life likely will not ‘return to normal.’ Denial is your enemy… Embracing truth and facts is the first big and necessary step.

Second, understand very clearly, there is NO rapture as the church teaches. God always preserves His people IN the trials. There will be a gathering at some point during the tribulation, but it will be to safety and a face-to-face conversation with the King (see Jeremiah 16:14ff). (See Ten Parts In The King to understand what is happening eschatologically with God’s People.)

Third, seek the Father for what HE would have you to do. Beware of your own emotions and fear… seek HIM and HIS answer for what you should do now. I recommend that, while you wait on His salvation, that you take measurable steps toward food and water security. I also have written on measurable steps toward preparation. Here are three articles I recommend:

If Selvaraj and others are correct, then you should already have the rough time frame for Pesach (and, 2nd Pesach) 2021 circled on your calendar! BIG RED CIRCLE! That is potentially the day of redemption (Notice: I did NOT say ‘rapture.’), and those who are paying attention to the whole of Scripture and not just the New Testament, will understand. In the meantime, you understand that the only road map you can trust is Scripture. Be wary of everything you see on the news and in the media. Confirm, confirm, confirm… especially against Scripture.

Please share this article if you find it helpful. Google search engines and AI are trying to filter out anything that is contrary to their plans… We must be watchmen and we must share/communicate everything we can.

Finally, may Yah bless, guide and protect each of you!

About Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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9 Responses to Coronavirus and the Mark of the Beast

  1. Yaakov Coetzee says:

    Excellent article and better conclusion

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  2. Gayle says:

    My son is turning 28 this year and I tell you that so you will have some understanding of the speaker of what I’m about to say.
    When all of this started my son in response to a discussion we were having told me ‘Mom, we have heard that one verse in Revelation over and over through the years that ‘ they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony but just maybe by refusing the vaccine (that people are begging for) ‘not loving their lives onto death could also mean not being afraid of the virus enough to accept the vaccine’. There are many believers out there today that though they do plead the Blood and do have the testimony, they are still fearful and falling for a vaccine to be their saving grace. HalleluYah there are many that are not ‘loving their lives onto death though and many are waking up because of everything. Anyway, thank you for posting bro. I was blessed and enjoyed it very much! Blessings from Michigan for you and yours!

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    • Pete Rambo says:

      Thank you, Gayle! I appreciate the comment and dobelieve many are seeing what we are seeing, but are afraid to stand up and be loud. A watchman’s duty is to be loud… may all if Ephraim and Judah find their voices.

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  3. Avigail says:

    Thanks Pete…for your labor of love as a faithful Watchman / Shomer for the whole house of Yisrael. May we be wise virgins, waking up from our slumber and preparing our vessels now while we still have the light of day.
    Chazak, chazak v’ nitzhazek!

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  4. WB says:

    I think you are on the right track Pete. I am going to send you something to consider.

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  5. Shaul says:

    Shalom Pete…we must be hearing the same Spirit…with little variances He is saying the same thing to me…early in my walk I use to dream of what it would have been like to have lived in the days of the apostles but that is changing now to a knowing that I am living in the days the Prophets spoke about that will be greater than the days of the apostles… wow what a thought that this could very well be it…will there be tough times, you bet there will…but the better prepared we are the better we will be…5 wise virgins…let us not make the same mistakes our forefathers made in the wilderness….let us be excited and full faith and trust in a mighty Elohim…be blessed brother

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  7. ropheka says:

    I think this virus is way overblown and the governments of the world should be convicted of crimes against humanity for all the needless suffering they have caused. reveals the truth


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