More on Coronavirus and the Mark of the Beast

There are more voices and pieces of information coming out regarding forced vaccinations and the probable connection with a mark that will limit or eliminate social (economic) interaction. (Mark of the Beast? Revelation 13:11-18) My article a couple days ago was a mere teaser!!

Here are a few more articles or videos telling the same story with additional details!

Getting ‘locked out of the economic system’ is a small and easy step from this point…

I gave a few very specific steps to take in my previous article, but add to that these two:

  • Disable ‘Automatic’ System updates in your phone, and
  • Start going without your phone. I.e., don’t take it with you everywhere you go…
    • Don’t take your phone to fellowship, on short errands, etc. Basically, anytime you can function without it, do so.
    • If/when you do carry your phone, leave it in the car as often as you can instead of carrying it in your pocket.

A friend said, “No mask, no service” can quickly morph into “No vaccine, no service”. Make your mind up to it. Know now how you will respond.

Non-compliance and non-participation is a good step, however, getting used to non-participation is also a major goal. Wisdom is to take intentional steps to not be sucked into or folded into the vortex of this threat. Prepare yourself now, as non-compliance may have serious consequences. Here is the perseverance of the saints…

A final note, I have written multiple articles recently touching on various aspects from prophecy, the white horse, and prophetic expectations. One specific article I highly recommend you take the time for: End Times Prophecy Explained! MUST See!


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