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A few articles and videos from this last week…

I have not had the time to write in the last week, but as usual have thoughts running through my head and subjects I wish to explore…  Hopefully, a few will pop out soon.  With only two weeks left until … Continue reading

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Tales from the bus. Missed….

Many of my longsuffering readers know that I am a bus driver and driver trainer for the local school district.  Previously, I have blogged a few posts related to work and theological lessons from interactions on the job…..  Grouped as … Continue reading

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Can’t God make up His mind?

Many churches inadvertently teach that God is a liar and can’t make up His mind.  Seriously! They teach the Torah, His instructions in righteousness, only applied to ancient Israel; the church has a different set of standards and keeping the … Continue reading

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Who Baptized the Apostle Paul?

So, Yeshua appears to Rabbi Sha’ul (Paul) on the road to Damascus.  This is the first step we see in a series of events wherein Sha’ul, one of the greatest evangelists in the history of the world is ‘captured,’ and … Continue reading

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Aspartame vs. Honey

A number of months ago, I began using honey in my morning coffee instead of refined sugar.  In fact, because we have bees, my wife began substituting honey in a number of places in our family’s diet. Well, late last … Continue reading

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