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On location: National Shabbat in North Georgia

Been worshipping, dancing, fellowshipping and eating the last four hours at the North Georgia National Shabbat.  Attendees hail from SC, NC, TN, FL, AL, ME and GA. Exodus Road provided music while various people led the dance. The location, interestingly … Continue reading

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My yoke is easy..

I have noticed before the direct connection of Yeshua’s famous quote, “Come unto Me, all who labor….” and Jeremiah 6:16’s ‘..you shall find rest for your souls,’ but this morning I saw another close connection in Jeremiah 5:5.   Here, ‘the … Continue reading

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Bo to the Torah Portion page…

Ray Gardner’s notes for Bo are up.  Also, a newer version of Vaeira is up…  Click Torah Portions in the header bar. Blessings.

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Recognizing the anti-messiah…

Most think the man of lawLESSness will come in Hitleresque appearance, as some monster.  Scripture indicates he’ll be a smooth talking, well loved individual that few recognize. Paul gives a hint in 2 Thessalonians as to how we can recognize … Continue reading

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He restoreth my soul…. But, How?

Read the verses between the above quoted two and see that He restores our soul with the Torah…. It identifies sin, teaches us how to love Him, how to love our neighbor and how to walk as Yeshua walked.  Why … Continue reading

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The Way : A Documentary

The Kickstarter Campaign has already been all over the internet and the trailer is a ‘must-see!’  I have had communication with the Producer and the Director for The Way and I feel VERY good about where this documentary is going … Continue reading

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Prophesying to the Dry Bones…

Ez. 37 The hand of the Lord was upon me, and He brought me out [a]by the Spirit of the Lord and set me down in the middle of the valley; and it was full of bones. 2 He caused me to … Continue reading

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Silent Night in September

Source: Silent Night in September ‘Tis the season for understanding what the season is all about!  In a few days much of the world will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Israel and the world whom I … Continue reading

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Curious about Hanukkah?

Here is a terrific video by 119 Ministries that gives a fair and balanced approach to Hanukkah.  I would encourage all who are curious (or just need a good excuse to eat a dozen jelly filled donuts) to take a … Continue reading

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Some thoughts from Joseph….

My longtime readers know that the Joseph portions are my favorite.  Two years ago, I wrote a number of detailed posts considering the life of Joseph as a prophecy of Yeshua.  Those three parts are here, here and here.  Very … Continue reading

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An Open Invitation to Pastors and Students of the Bible

Publicly or privately, via phone, email or face to face, let’s discuss the Scriptures. What do they say concerning our very Hebrew Messiah, Yeshua, and how He says we should be walking?  What are the traditions we have inherited that … Continue reading

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A few more ‘Memra’ verses in this portion….

Yesterday, I posted a Scripture image from my YouVersion account demonstrating an example of the use of ‘Memra’ from Deuteronomy.  We have argued on this blog before for the presence of Yeshua in the Torah, one example of which is … Continue reading

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Israel Today: “COMMENTARY: Are We Witnessing the Conclusion to Story of the Prodigal Son?”

Another very interesting article just crossed my desk, thank you Mike!! Here is an interesting short article from Israel Today delving into the story of the Prodigal Son and what we are seeing happen today between Jews and Messianic believers…  … Continue reading

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The fruit looks like the Tree… D’uh…


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…even the statutes and ordinances…

Malachi 4:4 tells us in the last days the people of YHVH will obey even the statutes and ordinances.   Here, Psalm 119 confirms the connection between salvation (Yeshua) and statutes…. Are you keeping statutes or traditions? http://bible.com/130/psa.119.155.OJB

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