Some thoughts from Joseph….

My longtime readers know that the Joseph portions are my favorite.  Two years ago, I wrote a number of detailed posts considering the life of Joseph as a prophecy of Yeshua.  Those three parts are here, here and here.  Very important!

Later I added, Jesus said, “Walk like an Egyptian!”, kind of an odd twist.

Each time I have studied the Joseph portions, I have considered Joseph and not so much the characters around him.  This time I am trying to shift my focus and see the past him to understand other bits….

Today I have two interesting, but yet unexplored thoughts to share.

  • Gen. 37:2.  Joseph’s bad report was of Bilhah and Zilpah’s sons, not Leah’s as I had previously understood….  Interesting.  How does that change my thoughts on Reuben?  Hmmmm.  And, why the sons of the concubines and not Leah?  There is a reason, but why?
  • Gen. 38 seems an odd interjection in the prophetic image Joseph projects, unless this story, too, is prophetic of Judah during the last 2000 years.  I really need to ponder this one, but on initial examination it appears to have legs.  This is a delicate matter to explore as we must consider the history of Judah apart from Joseph/Yeshua, but it may be a worthy endeavor.

More as I have time to ponder.

Thoughts?  Ideas?  Comments?

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7 Responses to Some thoughts from Joseph….

  1. Dorothe says:

    Just some spontanious thoughts i had;
    Just thought that Judas (whose idea it was to sell him) sold him for 20 silver peaces and his name sounds just like Judas…
    As a kid Ruben was my favourite, because he intended to keep him alive and bring him back to his father..sometimes they have this ..the protective instinkts in older siblings.
    Also I thought there are two responses to envy-feelings:
    1) envy and kill the source of your envy
    2) listen to the person and keep that message that caused envy in ones heart and ponder about the deeper meaning..


  2. Dorothe says:

    Did anyone care to tell Ruben or not? After Verse 37:30 there’s no answer. Was just wondering.


  3. Laura Jarvis says:

    Some thoughts on Joseph in Gen. 37:13-17, it spoke to me in that Jacob could have possibly been asking Joseph to go check on His brother’s Peace/welfare (Shalom v.14) out of concern for where they were feeding their flocks, in Shechem (Samaria) and that this passage might also be speaking to us, telling us where our brothers are and to go seek after them and check on their Peace (could it be their state of mind as to where they are at, what they are involved in, what they are being fed or feeding their flocks (thinking of “the church and pastors as shepherds and the flocks with them).

    A question arises also for me, why would Jacob knowing his other 11 son’s who have increased hatred, jealousy of his beloved son Joseph send Joseph to Shechem on his own to see how they were doing with his flocks? And then Joseph’s response, knowing his brothers hated him increasingly, submitted to his father’s request to go seek them out and find out what they were doing, simply said Here I am (hinneh). I know that the popular commentary is that Joseph was boastful when sharing his dreams, and I can understand this thought, however, I see the possibility of a different scenario as in Gen. 37:6, I see him more pleading with his brothers to hear (Shema) out of concern for them and what he had seen in his dream, because he already new his brothers not only hated him, but hated him even more, but still he risked their continued increasing hatred, ridicule of him, not pleasing/placating them, even his own life, out of concern for them, to warn them possibly of what was coming. Are we to be doing that with our brothers? Did not Yeshua tell us that we would face these same things with some? Are some of us maybe facing that now? Even when we don’t say anything and just stand for Yah’s ways by what we do or don’t do, our brothers and sisters don’t like it….tis the season, for example.

    Interesting, as well to me now as we are reading in Miketz in Gen. 42:21, where his brother’s say …”he pleaded with us and we would not hear/Shema…”
    I wonder if this pleading in Gen 37:6 could be what the brothers are referring to more so than their immediate situation.

    It just causes me to think of the situation of some today, that came out of “the church”, and those that are still in “the church”, and our responsibility to go be a light, seek after our brothers, warning them and in doing so we may be and are persecuted by them in some way even if we are following Yeshuah’s example in by doing this in humility, gentleness, meekness and/or even quietness in just not compromising the truth of the Word …..

    Some verse that come to mind are Isaiah 6:8-13, Ezekiel 3:18-21 and also what Yeshua said in Mathew 15:24 and Mathew 10:5-15.
    So with that…… 🙂 I thought I would also share a song that comes to mind. It is written by our friend, Messianic Pastor Tony Sperandaeo of Kehilat HaMaayan in Kfar Saba, It’s called Eineni Bosh/I’m not afraid of the gospel.

    I like this one too, it has both the words in Hebrew and Spanish in the video 🙂

    L’Chaim B’Yeshuah,

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    • Pete Rambo says:

      Some excellent thoughts!!!


      • Laura Jarvis says:

        Just realized something, Benjamin wasn’t with is brothers in Shechem, so it was only the 10 brothers, (10 lost tribes/northern kingdom that the Father told his beloved son to go seek after :). Also, something I’ve been pondering regarding now it is Joseph asking his brothers to bring him the last, known alive, treasured son of his Father and then he ends up giving him a serving of food that is five times the amount of the others. Benjamin stuck with Judah (Southern Kingdom) who stayed with the Torah/five books and fed off of them, while the other 10 (Northern Kingdom) turned away from the Torah….still pondering these thoughts


      • Pete Rambo says:

        Please read my three part series connecting Yeshua and Joseph. I cover those thoughts… Will give you more fodder.


  4. Laura Jarvis says:

    Thank you. Great series!


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