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Quitting our fellowship

About eleven years ago, I left the pulpit and we began our journey walking out Scripture as it is written. We were part of a small congregation for a couple years, then we began a home fellowship that met weekly … Continue reading

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Big Shabbat at the Rambo’s (Lots of pics…)

About once per quarter we are blessed to host a gathering of multiple area home fellowships.  One most encouraging thing about Western SC is that there are home fellowships springing up everywhere and we are striving to walk in peace … Continue reading

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The Way : A Documentary

The Kickstarter Campaign has already been all over the internet and the trailer is a ‘must-see!’  I have had communication with the Producer and the Director for The Way and I feel VERY good about where this documentary is going … Continue reading

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Let’s dance!! (under the pecans…)

Here are a few videos of the dance during our Shabbat under the pecans.  Many dancers, including myself, are true rookies.  (I learned the night before as our guests enjoyed teaching both of my left feet… 😉 ) Can’t wait … Continue reading

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Shema Video From Texas Hill Country

Here’s a Shema video from LaVada and Gene Triesch of Menorah Music in Blanco, TX!  Thank you, LaVada!

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These are interesting and heady prophecy laden days.  There is no question, we are living in one of the most interesting, if not THE most interesting time in history.  More prophecies are written of the latter days than even of … Continue reading

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When division = growth…

Much has been said lately within the Messianic community of our need for unity and the need to learn to walk at peace with brothers who may not see eye to eye on non-essential issues.  We’ve written a couple times … Continue reading

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Church as we know it is over…

“Church as we know it is over.  And, maybe for the best…. “ In a recent post, I wrote the above quote as part of my thoughts concerning the recent Supreme Court ruling.  I have been pondering a number of … Continue reading

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